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10 Best Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

10 Best Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

If you're a VIP nanny, birthdays and Christmas present a common conundrum.

The children in wealthy families seem to have everything they need at an early age. So if you’re working as a governess, nanny, tutor or governor this can make birthdays, Christmas and special occasions something of an issue.

How do I find them something thoughtful that they don’t have already? Something that the parents will look at and nod, because they know I understand the kids? Something that they will actually use and enjoy, appreciate and benefit from?!

At JIC we are only too familiar with this head-scratcher, so we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 ‘gifts and presents a nanny or governess can buy’.

Read on, and rejoice!

1. Lego

It’s always a good idea to have something you can do together. As a nanny or governess you want to see your kids being productive, away from TV screens and computer games. Lego can be perfect for this. It’s quiet, it has a tangible end result when they finish the model, it gives your charge a sense of achievement and it will keep them busy for hours. Lego is even something you can work on together to solidify your bond. For extra points, buy a Lego kit based on something they love - you can now buy Lego sets based on Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and more! Find out more about Mashable’s best Lego sets here.

Probably too much Lego, if anything


2. Craft Models

Following on from the concept of finding a productive activity with an end result your charge can look back and appreciate, craft models are a real winner. As a nanny, you know what your charge will enjoy best. You could choose painting by numbers, personalise a piggy bank, scratch art, tile art, wire art, sand art, even papier mache kits! Log onto Amazon to get productive, get creative, and spend some time working together with your child on something they will ultimately love.

What is a Norland Nanny?

3. Personalised Gear

Every child wants something that’s just for them, right? Give them a gift they will know is their own and personalise a t-shirt, a mug, a clock or even a stationery kit with their image, their name, or their favourite movie characters. You’ll need to get on Google for this one and find local printers offering personalisation services - we like the kids’ section on - then upload high quality photos. Make sure you allow time for everything to be printed and delivered!


4. Books

Oh, glorious books!

What would we do without them? What better way to pass a boring car, plane or train journey, have an imagination break between lessons or simply relax your charge before bedtime. For nannies, governors and governesses books are essential. Find your child something they’ll love and get it ordered. You can’t go wrong!


5. A photo album

Photos are of course, sentimental and beyond monetary value. Give your child some lasting memories by printing out their favourite pictures of themselves and getting them framed to put in their bedroom, playroom or sitting room. You could even seek out a digital photo frame that will scroll through a selection of uploaded images automatically. Another option could be a calendar with photo memories printed on special days throughout the year, something to look back on with your charge! 


6. Science experiments

Why not combine fun and learning for your charge with science kits?! You can find loads of great science kits online, from volcano experiments to geodes, from worm farms to grow kits. Science experiments are especially good for the summer when you can use the opportunity to get your charges outside in the sunshine. More ideas here.

Not entirely sure mixing 4 different colours of paint counts as an experiment


7. Games to play outdoors

An outdoor game to play together is another great option for birthdays or Christmas. A game to play together like boules or a badminton kit, a kite to build and fly, or even a stomp rocket will go down (and up!) like a dream when you can run outside in the sunshine on a summer’s day. See our outdoor summer activity blog for more ideas.


8. Sports clothing

If your child or charge has a favourite sport, this could be the gift for you. A football kit, a basketball shirt, even a baseball cap with your charge’s favourite team will go down well. Add a little extra individuality by getting your charge’s name (or that of his or her favourite player) printed on the back. For the win!


9. Board or card games

Board and card games are a great way to pass the time without resorting to the screen. Again, this kind of gift can once again be something that you and your charges can play together. At Jobs in Childcare our favourites include: Uno, Jenga, Exploding Kittens, Guess Who, Battleships. For older kids, you could try a game of Monopoly, or, if you are working in foreign language education, a game like Dixit is a surefire winner.


10. Treasure Hunt

Finally, for a really special birthday surprise, why not combine your gifts with a bit of fun? Instead of simply giving your charges or children their surprise, how about a note at breakfast or a letter through the door with their first clue, taking them on a scavenger hunt to find their gifts?

Too jazzy?


If you would like to build some intrigue and make the child’s birthday just that little bit more exciting, see our blog on How to Create an Epic Treasure Hunt Your Kids will Love here.

Good luck!


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