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Top 10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Top 10 Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Top 10 Outdoor Summer Activities for your Charges


Summer is finally here! And for all you nannies, governors and governesses with the possibility to now take your charges outside - we thought we’d post our 10 favourite activities and games to keep your charges smiling in the sunshine.

So without further ado, let the countdown begin!


  1. Balloon Dart Painting 

A wonderful, colourful, fun way to create some modern art in the sunshine. Click on the link above to see which materials you need for you and your charges to bring your summer creations to life!


  1. Giant Bubble Making Machine

What sunny, summer day would be complete without bubbles? If you can track down the materials listed on our link (including copious amounts of washing up liquid) you can be sure of some wonderful photo opportunities!


  1. Oobleck recipe with food coloring

Get slimy with this fun recipe that kids will love! Quick and easy and lots of fun!


  1. Nature Bingo

Add a little science into the mix by tracking down the items on your nature bingo sheet in the garden (or a local park, if you’re allowed) and recording them. You can find everything you need for this activity by clicking on the link above.


  1. Water Gun Painting 

Another chance to make something to hang on the wall, water gun painting can be great fun for all the family. Time to dig out the Nerf guns! If you don’t have water pistols, don’t worry - you can choose plastic spray bottles too.


  1. Giant Twister

Finally - an excuse to play Twister again! You’ll need some non-toxic marking paint and an old bucket to make this one work. Another opportunity to take some wonderful summer photographs for memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. Water Balloon Pinatas 

Every summer needs water bombs, right? Whether you want to throw and catch them or start a water fight, there’s no replacement for some water fun. Why not try this water balloon pinata activity for a warm day? Get some old clothes, hang out your water balloons outside and prepare for action!


  1. Treasure Hunt

This old favourite requires a lot of preparation if done properly, but is guaranteed to be a hit with your charges and have them running around all over the place in the sunshine. 


  1. Coconut Bowling 

A variation on bowling that you can get arts and craftsy with? What more could you ask for?! You’ll need a coconut, some old bottles and some paints, but this one will be as much fun to make as it is to play! 


  1. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag may require a few more kids (or grown ups) to join in but is another way to ensure fun for all involved. Click above for the link and get your charges and even their whole family running around all over the place.