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5 Things to Consider Working as a Rota Nanny!

5 Things to Consider Working as a Rota Nanny!

Rota Nanny Meaning: What is a rota nanny and what do they do?

A rota nanny is a type of childcare arrangement where multiple nannies work on a rotating schedule to provide care for children. This can be beneficial for families who need flexible or around-the-clock care, but it may also require more coordination and communication between the nannies and family members.
In the childcare industry, the position of a travel or rota nanny is highly coveted. This is because, in these particular nanny jobs, it can mean working with a high net worth family who are able to give you opportunities and tons of financial rewards.

Families with very demanding lifestyles often choose rota nannies to provide seamless support and cover for 24 hours. 

V.I.P. clients like hiring rota nannies to provide continuous care and act as proxy parents. People who are working demanding jobs say travel nannies offer unlimited flexibility that a regular nanny may find difficult to provide. 

Rota Nannies typically earn £4000 per month and upwards. The salary depends on a number of factors, including the nanny’s availability to travel with the family, location, languages, and the number of children. 

However, as much as this job promises excellent financial rewards, it is also very demanding. Before you agree to become a family’s rota nanny, here are five things you should consider. 

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How do the children’s parents spend time with them?

Every family observes different routines and traditions. As a rota nanny, it is essential to try and get a general understanding of the family dynamics to see how you will fit into it as their caregiver. Finding out how the parents communicate and spend time with their children may play an essential part in helping you work more efficiently. Understanding the dynamic will also help you manage the children when they misbehave. 


Who is in charge of the children during a family vacation? 

If the family you are working for plans to bring you along for a family vacation, it is crucial to know when you are expected to take care of the children and when you should step aside. Defining your schedule can help you know which activities to maximise and where your priorities should be. 


What is the role of a rota nanny? 

Every family has different needs, which means you and your employers should be clear on what they expect of you. While some families prefer to see their nannies as family members, others want to keep things professional. Some families may also require you to wear a uniform. 

Before signing a contract with the family, make sure your duties and responsibilities are defined. This will make it easier for you and your employers to work out a detailed schedule and routine each day. 


What are my extra responsibilities?

Rota nannies and travel nannies are known for their ability to adapt to certain situations that may not be included in the working agreement. While this is expected, it is always best to ask your employers if they might ask you to do things not included in your contract. 


Will I have some time off from work?

While rota nannies are often required 24/7, you may also want to take some time off from work to focus on yourself. Ask the family how much free time they can give you per day or week. If you are working as a rota nanny, always try to settle on a set shift pattern. 

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