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8 Creative Ways to Give Kids Cash as a As Gift

8 Creative Ways to Give Kids Cash as a As Gift

Creative Ways to Give Money to a Kid: Fun and Creative Ways to Give Cash Gifts to Kids!

Giving money as a gift can be fun and creative! Consider folding bills into origami shapes, hiding cash in balloons or piñatas, or creating a scavenger hunt with clues leading to the final prize. These ideas add an element of surprise and excitement for the recipient.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, holiday or want to give your kids money on the spot, there are tons of ways to give cash as a present that your children will undoubtedly love. Giving your kids money is often viewed as a lesser gift when compared with a tangible item. But cash can be the best gift for older kids if given at the right time. 

So here are eight ways in which you can surprise your kids with cash and make them happy every time.


Money Inside Balloons

Cash in an envelope and a gift card tucked inside a book may be appreciated, but they aren't fascinating. That is why you should consider putting money inside balloons. You could put the money-filled balloons in a box and give them as a present or put them into an envelope.

To put the cash inside the balloon, you need to blow it up with helium or air. 

If you choose helium, be careful not to pop the balloon when folding over the end and securing it with tape. If using air, blow up your balloons until they are firm and tie them off at their base.

After filling your balloons with cash, place them into a cardboard box (if appropriate) or envelope and give them to your children as presents when they least expect it! 

To make things even more fun, leave some scissors or a safety pin nearby so your little ones can readily open their balloons if they get too excited and pop one or two of them by accident.

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Put cash in the book they are reading.


If you are looking for a highly creative way to give your children cash as a gift, why not hide it in a book they are reading? You can wrap the money in a piece of paper and then take a book they are currently reading. 

Cut a small hole in the book, insert the cash inside and close the gap. It is best to do this with hardbound books because they will not fall apart easily.

Hiding notes with clues about other gifts inside the wrapping paper is a great way to add a personal touch to your gift-giving. Then put the present under the tree and let them search for it later. That makes it more exciting than just placing gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.


Hide money in unexpected places.

We know it may sound like something from a spy movie, but hiding envelopes filled with cash around the house or in the car is another fun way to give your children money. It's also an excellent excuse for getting outside and going on a treasure hunt! Just be sure that wherever you choose to hide the money is safe and one where your child will indeed find it.

The entire point of giving your kids cash as gifts is to make them happy, so this would be an ideal gift if they are especially curious or love surprises. If you're not careful, hiding money may not be possible. In this case, they put some of their favorite things into a small box and tuck away an envelope filled with cash at the bottom. 

If you want to take it up a notch, find some creative ways to leave clues about where the money is hidden. It will make it much more fun for them when they discover their surprise.


Create a treasure hunt for money.

Also, think about how you're going to hide your money. If you have little, it's best not to store it somewhere that would be dangerous. Come up with creative places that may need some work with their imagination to find but still be logical enough for them to figure out. 

And lastly, don't forget the prizes! The treasure doesn't always have to be money, but we won't judge if that's what you want it to be (we're all adults here). You could just as quickly place a few pieces of candy or small toys along their path.


Give them clues to figure it out, like a "Where's Waldo" puzzle.

You have heard of this series, whether you know it as Where's Wally or Where's Waldo. As the title suggests, it consists of intricate drawings where readers are challenged to find a character named Waldo.

What does all this have to do with giving your children money?

It's simple: challenge them to find it! Rather than giving them money without any added fun, hide the money among a bunch of household objects (or within another thing entirely) and give them clues that lead them closer to their prize. You can use a section from one of the Where's Waldo books or make a search-and-find type puzzle for your kids to complete.


Candy Money Jar Gift

It is one of the most adaptable cash gift ideas for children, as it can be modified to any child's preference. For example, if your child has a sweet tooth, you can fill a mason jar with candy and money. If your child prefers sports, you can fill it with baseball cards and cash.

The first step is choosing a jar and clearing it out of whatever was in it before. You should also clean the inside thoroughly.

Then, print or handwrite a note saying "Candy Money Jar!" on cardstock paper and glue that onto the jar. Then place your recipient's favorite candies inside (or other small items) and add some cash in between. You can also decorate the outside of the jar by gluing ribbons or stickers onto it. 

When finished, wrap up the candy money jar in wrapping paper or put it inside an attractive box and present it to your recipient! This gift looks excellent, so no one will be able to resist opening it up right away.


D.I.Y. Surprise Money Confetti Popper

This craft is excellent for kids old enough to know what money is but still young enough to appreciate money flying around like confetti. The supplies needed for this craft are money confetti, clear balloons, and a small funnel. 

You can either make your money confetti or buy it in bulk on Amazon. Fill the balloons with confetti and tie them closed. Then write a note on the balloon, "pop me." 

Give these balloons to your kids as a gift, and let their excitement bubble up when they pop the balloon and find themselves covered in dollar bills.


Giving kids cash as a present is a great idea to learn about saving on their own.

Giving your kids cash as a present is a great idea. Not only does it help them learn about saving, but it also teaches them the value of money and how hard work can pay off. The chances are that your child will appreciate the gift of cash just as much as any more traditional gift.

After all, it's probably the time you spend with them during the holidays that matters most. And having some extra cash to help support this additional time together will allow them to get more enjoyment.

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