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Jobs in Childcare is the place to find all childcare jobs.

At Jobs in Childcare, we list jobs from top nanny and governess agencies worldwide. We started our jobs site to enable nannies, governesses, early years specialists, child carers and even teachers and tutors to search a wide range of vacancies suitable for them across the globe. If you a professional nanny, governess, governor, tutor or childcare provider then this is the place for you for find your new job quickly and easily.

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The Jobs in Childcare Mission and Promise

For candidates, Jobs in Childcare is a free way for those working as a nanny, governess, governor, maternity nurse or international tutor to search a wide range of international job vacancies with a simple, convenient, trustworthy site. Candidates can upload their resumes to our jobseeker database to allow for maximum exposure with our partner agencies. Candidates can trust us to help them secure their next childcare job!

For recruiters, we aim to offer a simple and cost effective way to advertise jobs to a wide range of qualified candidates from different countries. On the site, you can find teachers, tutors, nannies, governors, governesses, household assistants and more. We connect the top nanny, governess, governor and tutors with top nanny and childcare agencies worldwide.


Jobs in Childcare Values and Editorial Standards

We found that other jobs board sites didn’t have the ease of use, scope of jobs or relevant useful information that we provide. We feature interviews with industry leaders and strive to provide interesting and helpful content. We have, and will continue to provide the highest editorial standards.

We make our site user-friendly for nannies and governesses and as up-to-date as possible, we will keep adding resources to our blog for you to use and share at your convenience. This will make your working life easier and also help you find that dream job you have been looking for!

We include tips on improving your own application (including your resume, interview technique, photos) and advice for those new to working with children. Our resources area hosts a wide range of ideas, activities to try, and even some lesson ideas for those more involved in tutoring or working with charges learning to speak English.

We also work with selected high-quality partners and each job posted will automatically appear within our partner network for maximum coverage.

How does Jobs in Childcare help you?

We know that JIC is a community that nannies and recruiters know they can rely on, and our aim is to help as many of you as possible in the job hunting and hiring process.

Please do enjoy your time on our site, feel free to contact us with any queries or suggestions. Equally - if you have any criticisms or ideas for how we can do things better, we will happy to hear from you. 

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The Jobs in Childcare team.

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