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5 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Kids

5 Easy Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Kids

Face Paint Ideas: Designs for Kids and Adults! Explore Painted Faces and Colourful Topics with Our Face Painting Classes! Discover the Best Paints and Colours for Your Face Paint Ideas Today!


Halloween is an event celebrated by adults and children as a day where they can express themselves however they want. Many do this by wearing costumes, while others wear make-up. 

Letting the children express themselves can prevent them from developing long-term negative effects, including low self-esteem and depression. Kids who limit themselves from expressing what they feel also face difficulties reaching their unique potential. 

Makeup and face paint offers children a way to express emotions. It also encourages kids to have their own style. Teaching them to express who they really are will help them grow their self-confidence and develop smart and independent thinking. 

If you and the children are having a hard time thinking about what design to paint, we listed five simple face paint ideas that are perfect for the Halloween season. 


Fox Face Paint

Grab your child an orange outfit and match it with a drawn-on nose and ears for the easiest and the cutest Halloween costume. 


Elsa From Disney’s ‘Frozen’

Turn your child into the famous ice queen by painting a crown on her face using blue and white shades. Complete the look by dressing her in a beautiful gown. 


Giraffe Face Paint

This simple face paint idea only requires you to add spots on your child’s face and body using the colours black and brown. Go the extra mile by adding two loops on the top of their head to act as the ears. 


Spooky Skull Face Paint

Give your child a scary makeover by painting a skull inspired look. You can paint the skull around one eye or paint one side of your child’s face. Typically, this face paint idea uses two colours. 


The Nightmare Before Christmas Face Paint

Does your child love Jack Skellington? Make them look like they just came from the movie by painting their entire face white and adding two dark circles around the eyes, two lines on the nose, and a menacing smile extending from cheek to cheek. 


What kid-friendly products can I use?

Not all makeup and face paint products are safe for the children.  Many contain harmful ingredients, such as lead, nickel, and paraben, that can harm the little one’s skin.  

There are numerous kid-friendly products that were designed for your child’s sensitive skin. We rounded up some of the best and safest kid-friendly make up available in the market. Our list does not include products that contain parabens, talc, and other harmful ingredients. 

    • Natural Earth Paint Kit

Natural Earth Paint Kit is an eco-friendly paint kit that’s 100% non-toxic and creamy. Each box contains six packets of powdered vegan paint which can create over 16 ounces of paint. The kit has six rich, vibrant colors that you can mix using their biodegradable mixing cups and bamboo paintbrush. 


      • Kryvalin Face Paint Kit

This face paint kit boasts 16 large colours to help you create professional-level designs on your children’s sensitive skin. Each kit comes with multiple brushes and black sponges to help you bring your kid’s character to life. It also comes with 32 stencils that are commonly used in face-painting activities and are suitable for the size of children’s faces. 


        • Blue Squid Face Crayons

Blue Squid Face Crayons make face painting a simple task. Each crayon comes in a “no mess, twistable” tube that creates beautiful designs with zero mess. This face painting product does not need water, which means you can paint directly onto your little one’s skin without worrying about making a mess. Every stick is enough to be used for over 80 different designs. 

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