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8 Exciting Halloween Activity Ideas for Nannies

8 Exciting Halloween Activity Ideas for Nannies

It’s October and Halloween is fast approaching. You and the children have already began preparing what will be the “best costume of the year.” You also start setting up the home according to the theme for this year’s spooky celebration. Then you realize something’s missing: what will you and the children do at the party?

Planning out fun and exciting games that children of all ages would enjoy is, at times, very challenging. While trick-or-treating and holding a race to see who gets their buckets filled first is fun, adding in more activities to your Halloween celebration could make it truly memorable.


Mummy Sack Race

Add a little Halloween twist to one of the classic favourites: the sack race. In this game, players would have tissue paper or crepe paper wrapped around their legs to act as the “sack.” They will need to hop, crawl, roll, or wiggle to the finish line. The player with the least amount of rips in their “sack” wins.


Frankenstein Bowling

If you have empty cans around, don’t throw them away. Instead, repurpose them into a super cute game of Frankenstein bowling. Gather clean empty cans and add spooky designs using paint. You can also let the children paint any character they want. The cans will serve as the pins for bowling.


Pin the Spider on the Web

Draw a spiderweb onto a piece of paper or cardboard and attach it to the wall. Give each player a cutout of a spider with double-sided tape attached on the back. Blindfold the player and have them spin three times before challenging them to pin the spider on the web. Whoever pins the creature closest to the centre of the web wins the game.


Spooky Feel Box

The “Feel Box” game has gained popularity over the recent months. To play this game, set up a large cardboard box in the middle of the table. Cut out a big enough hole on the left and right side of the box to allow the players’ arms to fit through. Put slimy food or furry household items in the box and challenge the children to guess what’s inside by feeling their way through the box.

Halloween Piñatas

Create a cute Halloween-themed Piñata using paper rolls and crepe papers. Stuff the rolls with loads of treats and paint it to resemble creepy mummies, ghosts, or creatures. While these pinatas are a lot easier to open than traditional ones, always be on alert and watch the children to avoid accidents.



Turn the classic Balloon pop game into a fun and mysterious Halloween activity. All you need are paper cups, orange paper to wrap the cups, and rubber band. Stick the cups on a blackboard and let the kids pop a cup to see what surprises it holds.

Spider Walking Game

Make a web on the floor using coloured tape. Have the children collect various toys, such as spiders or ghost figurines, while they are walking on the web. The goal of the game is to collect as many toys as possible without stepping off the lines of the spider web. This game is both enjoyable and education as it will also help develop their balance and problem-solving skills.


Halloween Cakewalk

Tape pieces of paper on the floor and label them with numbers. Kids will then need to walk around in a circle while music is playing. Once the music stops, they have to jump onto one of the numbered papers. Whoever is standing on the number that’s drawn from a tin or a bowl wins a point.


No Halloween party is complete without a spooky-themed home and scary costumes for the kids. Need ideas? Check out our Halloween guides below!


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