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5 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Nannies and the Kids

5 Halloween Costumes Ideas for Nannies and the Kids

Everyone looks forward to Halloween festivities, right? Spending an entire day going door-to-door around the neighbourhood collecting treats is one of the greatest joys for kids to experience. 

The Halloween celebration also offers children the opportunity to dress up and become a character—be it a superhero, a mystical creature, or a cartoon character.   

Halloween is just around the corner. While children are required to stay indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun. It is never too early for nannies to look for the perfect Halloween costume idea for the children. If you’re a nanny who prefers to sew everything by hand or machine, here are five easy characters you can DIY at home.

Old Granny Costume

Turning a toddler into an old granny this Halloween is such a vibe. This costume idea is rarely seen worn by children, which will make them stand out.  To make the costume, sew some laces and buttons on any old dress. You can also pair it with a cardigan and a wig. Take it up a notch by giving the child a pair of glasses. 

Laces are often sold in craft stores and establishments that sell school supplies. You can also purchase them online from Amazon. 


Frozen’s Kristoff

During the past few Halloweens, Elsa and Anna costumes have dotted the streets. However, only a few children chose to turn themselves into Kristoff—the reindeer-loving character from Frozen movies. Kids who loved to watch the Frozen movie series will be delighted to wear a Kristoff costume this Halloween. 

This costume is available on Amazon for $48 up to $95, but nannies can also DIY their children’s costume by cutting off the ends of a black shirt and attaching fur pieces on the sleeve ends and the hem. 

Note: Take the costume to a whole new level by making a Sven doll to go with it!



Pandas are perhaps the cutest creatures for kids to dress up as. Turning the children into an adorable panda this Halloween is an easy feat. Numerous internet platforms sell various ready-to-wear panda costumes. 

You can have the children wear a black and white ensemble and paint their faces to resemble a panda’s - watch the clip above for more information!


Avengers Characters

Nannies tasked with thinking of a costume for the whole family can choose from dozens of superhero characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While these costumes tend to be harder to make, there are still simple ways available online on how you can assemble an Avengers costume.

However, if you only want to sew the props, have no fear. Online marketplaces such as Amazon carry a wide array of superhero costumes perfect for each family member. 


Lego Costume

Turn your charges into one of the most versatile toys on the planet—the famous Lego blocks. Nannies hoping to DIY their charge’s costume would be delighted to know that they can make Lego blocks using cardboard boxes and some garter. 

Get creative by experimenting with different shapes and colour combinations. You can also ask the children to paint their costumes to match it with their unique personalities.