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Top 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas

Top 5 Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is a spooky Celtic festival that is celebrated all over the world every 31st of October. This tradition began over 2,000 years ago when the Celtics worked as farmers. They would hold the Samhain festival to mark the end of the growing seasons and the beginning of cold winter. 

Halloween is just a few weeks away, which means nannies and children are getting ready to pull out the box of costumes and spooky decorations from the garage. As you start counting down the days, you may also be searching for new and unique ideas on how to decorate the family home. 

We made a list of five easy Halloween DIYs that will give the house that “haunted mansion” vibe while keeping your expenses well below the budget. These decoration ideas can be used to “spook-ify” any room inside and outside the home. 


Candlesticks in Wine Bottles

Combining candlesticks and wine bottles is a simple way to achieve an elegant Halloween decoration that is commonly seen in old castles. All you need to do is to paint any empty wine bottle using a black colour with a matte finishing. You can use white, red, or orange taper candles, depending on what feel you are after. 

Nannies can place the lit candles at the centre of a table in a dark room, or above the bookshelf and surround it with fake spider webs. 

Note: Candlesticks are a fire hazard and should never be left near curtains and other flammable materials. 


Monster Jars

Monster Jars are a great Halloween decoration DIY that even younger children can participate in making. All you need for this spooky decor are some mason jars, mod podge, sponge brushes, tissue paper, black paper, paint, and flameless tea light. The children can design the jars to their preference. They can also remove the tea lights and fill the jars to the brim with candies and chocolates. 


Spooky Front Porch

Halloween this 2020 may not see a crowd of kids running around and knocking on doors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the front porch. If you don’t have time to DIY everything, various decorative items are available at a low price at the local dollar store. 

However, nannies who have some time to spare to take on small projects can easily create customizable tombstones using cardboard, paint or spray paint, and tape. 


Halloween Soap Dispensers

Give your bathroom a spooky makeover with these creepy crawly soap dispensers. For this home decoration, you would need small figurines or fake spiders, fake eyeballs, and soap dispensers. You could also add a futuristic look by putting some glow in the dark garden pebbles in a tray or inside the soap dispensers. 

The materials used for this mini-project can be bought online and in local stores. However, you can customize this project to what the children want. They can use fake fairy figurines or plastic bugs and crawlies. The choices are endless. 


Ghost in the Mirror

This Halloween decoration only requires four materials: a mirror, a pair of scissors, some tape, and cutouts of creepy photos. Nannies can choose from a wide range of photographs on the internet that features creepy and scary images that will elicit more than just screams. Once you’ve selected the picture, you just need to cut out the subjects and tape them on a mirror. 

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