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4 Quick and Easy Halloween Scavenger Hunts

4 Quick and Easy Halloween Scavenger Hunts

This year’s Halloween season may prove to be far different from those we held in previous years. With COVID-19 raging worldwide, the children are forced to remain indoors. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make this holiday as fun and exciting as any other celebration!

Halloween is known as the season where people can dress up as whoever they want to be. It’s also extremely popular among kids as they compete against each other to see who has the ultimate trick-or-treat superpowers. What if we tell you there’s one game that can completely level up Halloween?

Scavenger hunting is a classic favourite among people of any age. For nannies, it's a chance get your kids involved in something they love. Does your charge go crazy for pirates? Grab a box and turn it into a treasure chest for a bounty hunt! Does she want to become a princess? Leave little petals on the floor and lead them to a magical, shiny crown. The choices are endless!

Scavenger hunts don’t have to be all fun and games. A little tweak could easily make a bounty hunt for treasure into a learning experience. Here are some ideas you could check out to make this Halloween a festive and memorable season!


Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Lead the children on a wild adventure by leaving holding a scavenger hunt within their home! Nannies can cut out pieces of paper and write cryptic messages that will lead them to the next clue. You can print out photos that show part of the area, room, or object where the golden treasure awaits. 

You can also transform the family home into a horrifying obstacle course by taping fake spider webs between two walls where children would have to duck or crawl to pass through.  

If you’re taking care of two or more children, you can host a mini-competition and see who can get to the end of the journey first. 


Harry Potter themed Scavenger Hunt

Get you little ones fired up and ready to go with these amazing ideas for a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt!



This Hogwarts themed hunt is truly magical!


Riddle Scavenger Hunt

Have your kids live the life of spies as they work together to solve riddles to get to the next clue. Hosting a Riddle Scavenger Hunt allows children to develop decoding skills, which is very important to transition children into successful readers. 

The riddles could be something as simple as “Where do I go when I am hungry?” or something as complicated as “Some use less than a sheet, some use more than two sheets. What am I?”


Colour Treasure Hunt

The Colour Treasure Hunt is perfect for toddlers as it can help them introduce them to various colours and hues. Players would have to find an object that has the same colour as the one given in the clue. This scavenger hunt can help develop children’s colour awareness and recognition. 

Nannies can also use this game as an opportunity to teach older children about colour combinations by asking questions such as ‘What colour equals red + yellow?” or “What is blue and yellow put together?”