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Nanny Job Tips for Adapting to Life as a Nanny!

Nanny Job Tips for Adapting to Life as a Nanny!

Today's guest blog is from Great British Nannies.

So you’ve just touched down in a foreign country which perhaps you’ve never visited before.  Everything your eyes are seeing is new; perhaps you’re feeling a range of emotions you’ve never felt before.  All these changes are heightened by the fact that you are alone, and let’s face it; it’s a scary situation to be in! Time to start your new governess or nanny job!


I remember being collected at the airport by my family’s driver trying to seem as cool, calm and collected as possible whilst I was flapping on the inside.  As we drove from the airport into the unknown so many questions popped into my mind but I was unable to ask them due to some major language barriers! Before arriving in Moscow I had a picture of what it would be like, I would be working and living in the city centre but this wasn’t the case.  Many wealthy families choose to live on the outskirts of the city in affluent luxury villages in the Rublevka area.  Living in the middle of the forest wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind, and whilst initially I felt quite isolated, within a few weeks I settled into an environment completely different to any other I’d been in before.

Here are some tips to help you to ease into your new nanny life as gently as possible.


Don’t expect too much of yourself


You are in a completely different country and culture and it’s likely that you don’t speak much of the local language.  As well as adapting to your new home and climate you are also likely to feel a little overwhelmed by all the change and also by getting to know your new family.  For me the first weeks were the toughest as the children I worked with hadn’t had any previous exposure to English and it took time to gain their trust.  Remember even a super nanny needs a little bit of time to adjust before unleashing her magic! Take each day as it comes and you’ll be flying in no time!


Suss out a support system



For me this was a real turning point. I scoped out some great expat groups on Facebook where I was able to link up with other nannies and governesses.  Making plans for my days off with new friends brought a whole new dimension to my experience in Moscow and the chance to explore the vibrant city whilst making wonderful memories!


Figure out what you’re missing and find it


Whilst I was all in for experiencing the wonderful Russian culture, I couldn’t hide my excitement at spotting the Starbucks emblem whilst out on one of my first ambles around the city.  Same goes for when I discovered Topshop, H&M and an Irish Pub that served roast dinners.  Do your research and you’ll be sure to find many of the home comforts you might be missing. Or if not, I guarantee there will be someone who does on the Facebook expat group.


Whether it takes a few days or a few weeks you will find your feet, and be so glad to be putting your adventurer footsteps on another part of the world.




Many thanks again to Great British Nannies for the guest post. You can follow them at and check out their latest vacancies here.

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