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7 Things You Need to Consider to Become a Celebrity Nanny

7 Things You Need to Consider to Become a Celebrity Nanny

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Becoming a celebrity nanny requires experience working with high-profile families and excellent references. It's important to have strong communication skills, be discreet, and maintain confidentiality. Networking within the industry can also help you find opportunities for this specialised type of childcare work.

Working for a celebrity in these nanny jobs can be particularly challenging. Successful people generally take longer hours at work, which means nannies may face more demands than regular nannies do. Most celebrity nannies spend 10 to 14 hours a day in the celebrity’s household. 

Becoming a VIP celebrity nanny is not easy. However, working for A-listers and CEOs can be lucrative and personally rewarding. If you’re thinking about caring for the children of the rich and famous, here are eight things you need to consider. 


Are you willing to work around the clock?

Celebrity caregivers are often required to work 24/7. Nannies who plan to work for the rich and famous should be willing to give up personal time and freedom to meet their employer’s wishes. They may have multiple nannies working on a rota system.


Can you respect the family’s privacy?

Being a nanny for celebrities means you have to maintain confidentiality. What you hear and see at work should not reach the press. In many cases, your employers may ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (or a similar clause in your contract), which requires you to keep your employer's identity and life a secret from friends or family. 


Is your schedule flexible?

If you work for a celebrity family, you’ll often find yourself changing your schedule to accommodate your employers’ last-minute events and schedule changes. Having a flexible timetable that allows you to travel with the family at an instant is essential. 

Additionally, you should be prepared to commit to months away from home. While most celebrities give advance notice before trips, there are times when there is little or no advance notice. 


Can you handle unforeseen situations?

As a celebrity nanny, you have to be prepared to handle any situation. It is vital that you have a passport on hand and a suitcase of clothes in case your employers suddenly ask you to travel with them. You should also prepare a bag for the children’s clothes, as well as medical release forms and travel release forms. 


Can you handle the public?

Celebrity nannies have to take extra precautions when they are out in public with their employers’ children. You have to be prepared to prevent the paparazzi from taking photos of the children. 

If you are out with the children without their parents, the paparazzi or other people might take advantage of the situation. You have to be ready to address different types of situations to ensure the safety of the kids. 

When the parents accompany you and their children out in public, you would likely be asked to jump out of a shot before the press takes photos. Becoming a celebrity nanny may also require you to be willing to make it look like the parents are doing most of the work in caring for their children. 


Do you have other skills?

Like most parents, celebrities tend to look for nannies who can offer their children more than just their time and care. Some may be looking for a nanny that speaks other languages. Others may be thinking of hiring a nanny that can play musical instruments. Becoming part of the celebrity world often requires you to possess skills that are above-and-beyond other candidates.

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