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Quick and Easy Birthday Party Ideas you Need to See

Quick and Easy Birthday Party Ideas you Need to See

Children always look forward to their birthdays every year. Birthday celebrations provide meaningful and entertaining parties with fun games and delicious treats. Celebrating a child’s birthday signifies joy and love that marks the day they joined the family. 

Organising birthday parties for kids is fun and exciting as they leave long-lasting memories and bring smiles to children’s faces. However, with the coronavirus pandemic currently happening globally, hosting a large gathering may not be for the best. But it doesn’t mean you have to skip a birthday celebration. 

We listed five quick and easy birthday party ideas that will keep you, the children, and their family safe, while still giving them a celebration they’ll genuinely enjoy.


Drive-By Parade

A Drive-by Birthday Parade is a very creative way to make a child’s birthday a little more unique, especially with the current coronavirus pandemic. This type of celebration avoids close contact with other people while still giving a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Invite the children’s friends and guardians to participate in the drive-by birthday parade. Guests can drop-off their gifts for the celebrant as they drive-by. You can wrap up snacks and party treats in paper bags so your guest can still bring home some goodies. You can also prepare posters and blast kid’s music to make the birthday more enjoyable. 


Virtual Birthday Party

Another spectacular 2020 quarantine birthday party idea would be to host a virtual celebration using teleconference apps like Zoom. The celebrant can host a video call with up to 100 friends! They can also participate in virtual games, including Bingo, Pictionary, and Heads Up!

Send your guests a basket of goodies before the virtual party starts, so they have something to snack on during the event. 

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Nannies can teach children to be kind and giving at a very young age. Instead of setting the birthday theme to fit a particular niche, you can teach them how to share what they have with other people.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to suffer, which means countless others are in dire need of assistance. Nannies can help their children organise a small donation drive or a fundraising event to support their chosen charities or non-profit organisation. They can also set up a small stall where they can hand small bags of freshly baked goods.  

While the idea may not seem as fun as hosting games with friends, it teaches young children how to appreciate what they have and learn more about the world outside their home and school. 


Create-A-Craft Birthday Party

Organising a craft birthday party is perfect for entertaining a small number of guests. Attendees can learn how to make various arts and crafts projects, including floral arrangements, bead making, tie-dyeing, and more. 

Just ask the children what crafts they want to learn on their birthday and prepare the required materials. If you don’t have enough time to go out and purchase the materials, numerous services offer arts packages perfect for parties. 


Science Lab Birthday Party

Does your child love small science projects like baking soda volcano or slime? Throw them a science-themed birthday party to fulfil their dreams of becoming a young scientist. This unique birthday party idea helps introduce your children to fun, easy, and creative experiments. Performing science experiments also develops a child’s resourcefulness and problem-solving skills. 

Similar to the craft-making themed party idea, this type of celebration does not require a large number of guests. Attendees can also bring their scientific creations home as a reminder of a day well spent. 


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