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A Nanny's Guide to Making Simple and Long-Lasting Friendship Bracelets

A Nanny's Guide to Making Simple and Long-Lasting Friendship Bracelets

For young children, growing up and spending time with other kids their age is a treasured memory. Many grow together with their childhood playmates and become the best of friends. 

Nannies who are responsible for providing quality care to children should also help them make the best memories possible. And one great and simple way you can do this is by teaching your charges how to create friendship bracelets!


History of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have become widely popular for representing true, everlasting relationship. They are also affordable and customisable, making the friendship bracelet a gift that can be easily created by children. 

The bracelets have been around for centuries. These handcrafted gifts were first made by religious groups in Central and South America and were used in political rallies! They date back to over 200 years B.C.

The friendship bracelet is often adorned with a string of knots that represents the endless connectivity between two people. Many also add in different elements, such as stones of varying colours. Each colour represents a different meaning.

  • Blue means trustworthy
  • Pink means kindness
  • Orange means active
  • Black means strength
  • Yellow means happiness
  • Red means honesty
  • Green means responsibility

Teaching kids to give friendship bracelets can also allow them to embrace the concept of commitment and to empathise with others. 

We created a unique and easy guide to making friendship bracelets that nannies and kids can easily follow. Read on to find out more!

Step One

Friendship bracelets can be made using different materials. This may include beads, upcycled items, embroidery floss, craft thread, or yarn.

Gather all the things needed to make the bracelet—scissors, tapes or safety pins, and the embroidery floss or yarn. Nannies and children who are planning on making beaded bracelets with words, it is best to decide on the phrases you want to use for each bracelet. 


Step Two

When you get all the materials, it is time to determine how many strands and patterns the children will do. Cut your string to the size you need. Use the child’s wrist as a guide to make sure the finished products are neither too tight nor too loose. 

Note: Make sure you leave extra space to tie your knot at the end.


Step Three

Secure the string with tape or safety pin to make it easier for the children to put the beads in. Nannies can also teach children how to braid or create knots as variations to the design. 


Step Four

Let the children choose which beads they want to put into completing their desire pattern. Nannies can suggest colour patterns, designs, or even where to put the letter blocks. 


Step Five

Once the children are done making their friendship bracelets, nannies should teach them how to tie a knot. Ideally, three to four knots will secure the bracelet. 

However, if you want to make sure the bracelet is extra secure, you can apply beading adhesive or super glue on the knot. Make sure to pull the knot away from the beads before using the adhesive. Let the glue dry for two minutes before cutting off the excess string. 

Want more friendship bracelet ideas? Click below to watch an easy tutorial from Crafts by Emi.

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