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Quick and Easy Activities for Toddlers You Need to Know!

Quick and Easy Activities for Toddlers You Need to Know!

Thinking about activities to keep your toddlers engaged is perhaps one of the hardest parts of the job. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 are learning how to walk and interact with their environment. At this age, the kids are slowly developing physical growth as well as their motor development. 

Taking care of a toddler provides nannies with a unique set of challenges and experiences. Children at this development stage tend to put objects in their mouths. They also have a short attention span, which means they are less likely to stay in one activity for more extended periods.   

There are numerous factors nannies should consider before they introduce a new activity to toddlers. This includes:

Age of Your Child: The age of a child defines his/her abilities and developmental needs. Younger children tend to be interested in putting stuff in their mouths as their teeth sprout. Three-year-olds take to pretend plays and activities that involve physical or verbal imitation. 

The Child’s Interest: Create opportunities for your child to practice their interests. If you notice the kids going through a cutting frenzy, give them some paper and kid-friendly scissors. Allowing them to repeat an activity they are interested in helps make learning effortless and natural. 

Customization: Choosing an activity that can be easily customized to suit your children’s interest will save you a lot of time. If your kid is not responding to dot paint markers, switch it out for dot stickers and re-introduce the activity again. 

Safety: If your child is still at that stage where they tend to put objects in their mouth, make sure your activity does not have materials that they could swallow and choke on. Nannies should supervise toddlers during the activity. 


6 Activities You Can Give Your Toddlers

Rice Sensory Bin

DIY some rainbow-coloured rice and create a fun sensory bin by putting them in a large container or inflatable pool. Sensory play allows your child to explore their surrounding by touching, squishing, and feeling the colourful material. They can spend hours scooping and digging through the pile to find treasures hidden inside. 


The Floor is Lava

Getting toddlers enough indoor exercise will be easier with this game. Tape down different coloured square papers on the floor and designate them as the “safe zone.” Kids have to jump from square to square to keep themselves safe from the scorching lava. This activity is excellent for getting toddlers to move around and stay active. 


Busy Board

The Busy Board is loaded with buckles, knobs, flaps, and locks that would easily attract your toddler’s attention. Instead of continually reminding the toddler to refrain from fiddling with the dresser, keep them busy by attaching hardware to a board and let them play with that instead. Busy Board is helpful in the development of motor skills and problem-solving skills.


Finger Paint

Finger painting is a classic toddler activity that will help develop the toddler’s sensory skills, colour familiarization, and creativity. As the kid’s hands touch the paint, they could already feel the different textures from the materials used. It would also give your toddlers a sense of achievement when they see their masterpiece hanging on the fridge.  


Pom Pom Drop

As the toddlers start exploring what is around them, exploring different paths on the Pom Pom Drop can undoubtedly keep them engaged and entertained for days. This activity uses recyclable materials such as old tissue boxes and cardboard tubes. Tape them to the wall in different angles and let your kid send down pom-poms through the various chutes. 


Water Bottle Bowling

Use empty water bottles and a ball to transform your home into an indoor bowling alley. This activity helps develop your child’s motor skills and keep them engaged for hours. You can also add values to each pin so your toddlers can start practising how to count.

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