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We are an experienced educational consultancy firm specialising in providing the best English nanny, governess or tutor for you and your family.

Elite Educational Development offers a total solution to your learning and language requirements, ensuring your children become bilingual in the quickest possible time.

At EED, we believe that one of the most important stages in a child’s development is the learning of a second language. As a child learns to speak another language, communication become easier, both in Russia and whilst travelling abroad. Children with knowledge of English make international friends easily. They also have an advantage over their peers at school.

EED also know that the fastest and easiest method to become bilingual is to have a full-time native English nanny, governor or governess caring for and tutoring your child.

Our promise is therefore simple: to provide the highest quality English nannies, governors and tutors to VIP clients in Moscow, across Russia and worldwide. In this way your child can rapidly learn to speak, read and write English, French and other languages like a native.

Through our personal approach and professional ethos, we therefore strive to create the perfect match between candidate and client. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the exceptional standard of our experienced French and English-speaking staff, together with a unique and genuine understanding of both candidates’ and clients’ needs. This ensures that skills, as well as personality, are matched perfectly to create a harmonious working relationship that is tailor-made for both clients and personnel.

Jan 27, 2022  
URGENT! Family based in Dubai is seeing a travel nanny for the month of February. The job would entail coming to Dubai at the end of January/start of February and going with the family to Switzerland from around February 10th to 19th as the 3 children (girls ages 2 and 5, boy age 7) are on half-term break. Afterward, the family will return to Dubai. Duties While in Dubai would include: * Get the children ready for school in the morning * Perform school drop-offs and pick-ups along with the family driver * Tutor the children after-school Arrange and carry out guided play activities that are both educational and entertaining * Manage children’s schedules and belongings * Help out with planning and preparing for the upcoming trip * Assist with bedtime routines and read to the children * Ensure the children are eating nutritious, delicious, balanced meals (plan menus with the assistance of the family cook) * Live in the family’s villa in her private bedroom with an...
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