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How to Build an Epic Base, Den or Blanket Fort

How to Build an Epic Base, Den or Blanket Fort

Rainy day today? Then it's time for you to construct the base/ den/ blanket fort of your dreams!

A den is great fun to set up and later to play inside. There is something innately territorial for kids about having their own special space where they can sit, read, play with their toys or even watch a movie. This could be a great way to spend an afternoon when working in a governess or governor job with active kids!

The first thing you’ll need to do to make your blanket fort is to collect together your ‘building materials’. We would suggest blankets for the roofs, seat cushions for the walls (you can take these off a sofa or couch) some items to use as supports (we used a walking stick!), something for light and some sort of door. You may wish to incorporate nearby tables or chairs into the design. You can even attempt windows if you’re feeling really brave! The layout is really up to your imagination.

When building, make sure the supports don’t fall down and you aren’t using anything expensive or dangerous as weights - a foot in the wrong place can mean the whole thing falls apart! Large books can be great to hold things in position, but just make sure nobody ends up getting one on their head, and be careful placing lamps close to blankets or anything flammable. All in all, best to use common sense here and to be aware that your fort is likely to suffer some sort of collapse at some point in its lifetime!

Having planned the structural layout of your fort, try to make sure it is spacious enough inside, and then decide if you want to theme your new base or simply to fill it with some books, games and teddy bears. You may wish to decorate the inside or outside with paintings or drawings that you’ve done, or you could have a Christmas or Disney theme. Failing that, just make it cosy and comfortable and full of pillows and blankets! Then it's time to settle in and have fun!

If you’ve already made a blanket fort inside you could also consider trying an outside den - if you know of a suitable wood where you can find sticks and fallen leaves to construct your base or you have access to plastic sheets or similar this can make for an exciting experience too!