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Which Toys Can I Buy For My Kids? A Nanny's Guide

Which Toys Can I Buy For My Kids? A Nanny's Guide

Finding toys for kids can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors that a nanny should take into consideration when choosing the right toy, including safety, hygiene, and its benefits. Newborn and infant aisles in modern toy stores offer thousands of different items, which means you need some criteria to narrow the options. 

Young kids will accept any toy you give them. While they should be fun, nannies should also remember that these items are more than just playthings. They should also play an essential role in the development of children. 

How to choose appropriate toys for babies?

Toddlers often begin learning by doing. Playing allows them to develop and practice new skills and discover new interests. The toys and playthings you give them are vital in shaping their development. You should consider several factors when choosing toys that will grow with the child, challenge them, and nurture their skills. 

Age-appropriateness: Buying a six-month-old child a toy meant for older children will not encourage them to use and improve their skills. Babies will only learn and get the most out of a toy only if they can use it. 

Safety: Nannies should avoid toys that have small parts that children could swallow. During their first year, they are more likely to bang, drop, and throw any toy you give them, which means you have to ensure that the toy won’t break off into smaller pieces that the child could swallow and choke on. 

The toys must be painted or finished using non-toxic materials. They should also be easily washable so you can keep them clean and free of germs. 

Stimulation: A great toy can stimulate your baby’s senses, including touch, sight, sound, and taste. It should also help develop his skills, such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor control, among others. 

Simplicity: Simpler toys often last longer than those made up of dozens of parts. They also tend to offer your children more ways to play. If they get bored of holding the toy, they can opt to throw it around or use it for a make-believe play. 


What toys should 6-month-old babies have?


0-4 Months

Newborns benefit greatly from sensory toys that have texture, sounds, and bright contrasting colors. Toys given during the early months should help nurture their motor, sensory, and emotional experience. 

Babies 0 to 4-months-old will enjoy toys that help improve their grip and stimulate their cognitive, hearing, language, and social development. The toys should also include tummy play that strengthens their arms and legs. 

Here are some toy suggestions: 



Musical Mobiles

Tripod Gyms with Dangling Toys

Books with Animal Drawing

Colorful Play Mats


4-6 Months

Babies at this age have already learned how to keep their hands open. At this stage, they are most likely starting to learn how to reach and grasp objects. Objects they can hold on are often brought to their mouths for them to teeth on. 

When purchasing toys, nannies should remember that they should be large enough to not fit entirely in the child’s mouth. It should also be able to build grasping and manipulation and cope with teething. 

Here are some toy suggestions:

Textured or chilled teethers

Soft squeeze toys

Peek-a-boo toys


6-9 Months

At this stage, babies should be able to sit and manipulate objects with their hands. Toys that build fine motor skills and gross motor skills should be a priority. Nannies should also look out for toys that encourage the kids to creep or crawl.

Here are some toy suggestions:

Baby blocks

Toys that roll and make sounds

Peek-a-boo toys

Busy box


9-12 Months

Babies are now able to sit up and pull themselves to a standing position on their own. Push toys can help them develop gross motor and tactile skills, as well as coordination and crawling. Some textured toys can also be used to give the children a relaxing body massage. 

Here are some toy suggestions: 

Textured Sensory Balls

Toys with items that can be put into containers


Peek-a-boo toys

Books that have a hide-and-seek effect


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