The London Nanny Agency

The London Nanny Agency provides experienced nannies - pre-interviewed and DBS-checked* London nannies for parents everywhere. Finding and vetting a suitable London nanny with a great nanny job track record is almost impossible for parents to do properly themselves - and is a highly time-consuming business.

The London Nanny Agency makes it easy because we deal with everything for you - from ID, nanny DBS * and nanny reference checks to nanny contract provision, salary negotiation, London nanny paediatric first aid courses and nanny tax issues. We are the only London nanny agency who pay to update our placed nannies DBS and Paediatric First Aid courses if necessary (if over a year old).   If you need a live-out nanny, a live-in nanny, a bilingual nanny or a nanny to move abroad with your family, the London Nanny Agency will do all the hard work for you!  We have hundreds of experienced nannies on our books so we almost certainly have the right one for you!