Floreat Tutors
Educating the next generation to leave an indelible mark on society
Floreat is a results-driven tutoring agency. We take pride in providing exceptional tutoring services in Moscow with the highest standard Native English speaking tutors

All of our tutors are carefully selected through their qualifications and personality. We have a rigorous selection process to ensure the quality of each tutor meets the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Floreat strive to provide superior tutoring services at affordable prices, grounding pupils in the key disciplines required for future success.
We want to empower each of our scholars to follow their dreams through the power of academic excellence.
We believe in producing well rounded individuals and instilling the importance of good social etiquette as well as strong examination results.
We combine the best teaching methods in modern education to create an unrivalled learning experience that is unique for each student.
It is our belief that consistency, accountability and a strong personal relationship between tutor and tutee are essential for learning effectively.
All of our tutors act as both teachers and mentors, guiding their students through difficulties in their studies.