PUSH Academy
  • Дмитровское шоссе, 60А, этаж 3, пом. XXIII, ком 35
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Our Mission
At PUSH Academy our mission is to provide language and soft skills training
-to students with goals of pursuing educational opportunities within a global framework                    -to professionals who wish to advance their career development and be a growing asset
     to their company
-to teachers who wish to upgrade their classroom skillset and/or pedagogical credentials                  -to families that desire the best possible outcomes for their children in language, education, and           life

Our Vision                                                                                                                                                              We are working is to become a valued source of educational opportunity for Moscow’s businesses and citizens. We envision a Moscow that is connected to a global marketplace and whose
citizens are prepared to participate in global partnerships.

Our philosophy as educators centers around student satisfaction, and more specifically,
happiness. According to Harvard Graduate School of Education, there is a serious and
reproducible correlation between student happiness and learning outcomes. This has been confirmed by study after study.
This, in our experience as educators, has held true. Students who are engaged and enjoying
their study experience will and do make quicker advancement in their field of study than
students who are not.
We fully understand that this starts with the teacher. If the teacher is passionate about what they
do; if they show up to classes with a zeal to expand their students’ horizons, then students WILL
be engaged and WILL be successful!
That’s why we hire teachers who are more than simply “qualified”; they are passionate about