Carfax Private Tutors

Carfax Private Tutors is one of the world's leading tutor and governor placement agencies. It has offices and tuition centres in London, Oxford, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and Hong Kong  with more set to open soon in Singapore, Geneva, and New York. Carfax Private Tutors is a part of the Carfax Education Group and is regularly engaged by some of the most discerning global clientele.

Additionally it recruits a number of tutors every year to work directly for Carfax at one of its own overseas tuition centres or at Carfax College, a boarding tutorial college in the centre of Oxford. What really sets Carfax apart is the career variety that it can offer. Many Carfax tutors and governesses have gone onto managerial positions within the wider Carfax group or with some of its corporate and institutional clients.

The key values that Carfax seeks in its applicants are discretion, integrity, dependability, adaptability, and practicality.

Only those who understand and appreciate what it really takes to serve private clients well need to apply.