St Pancras Recruitment Ltd

Dear Families and Candidates,

A big warm welcome from St Pancras Recruitment!

We specialise in placing experienced French-speaking nannies in London and all over the world.

Our mission is simple: We’re here to help you find your ideal French-speaking nanny based on your needs and criteria.

St Pancras Recruitment was founded by Marine Lienard to help families hire world class bilingual domestic staff. Marine was one of the first consultants to offer this fresh approach in London and began her work in 2006. Her innovative approach has gained her an international client base from backgrounds as diverse as the UK, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Russia and of course, France.

Based right next to the Eurostar, St Pancras Recruitment is a symbolic link between the United Kingdom and Europe. It is a place where many languages and cultures happily meet. We believe this blending of styles can also have a profound and positive effect on your children by helping them to organically become bi or even tri-lingual as well as improving their cognitive skills in other areas including memory, attention and auditory processing.