Happy Home Staff

Happy Home Staff - making your home a happy one.

We are a domestic staffing agency specialising in introducing high quality household assistance to our clients in London and overseas. We pride ourselves in collaborating only with skilled, trustworthy candidates who have successfully undergone a series of written and verbal interviews. Through a diligent selection process, we offer fast, flexible and reliable domestic placement service.

We help
Our diverse range of candidates will be skilfully matched with the individual requirements of your home. With over 5000 candidates in the database and more than 200 current job-seekers, it includes:

    * Nannies
    * Nanny Housekeepers
    * Housekeepers
    * CleanerPlus
    * Couples
    * Elderly Companion Housekeepers
    * Carer Housekeepers

We check
Through a 50-question interview with a senior consultant, a verbal inquiry of at least two references and a police clearance (checked upon a job offer), we select candidates who are permanently settled in the UK and have at least four years of working experience in a domestic position. To work with us and for you, they will need to have a pleasant personality as well as excellent communication skills and good manners.

We listen
With over fifteen years of experience in the industry and a vast knowledge of it, we understand that there are no two families whose domestic needs will ever be the same, so we tailor our services to suit the needs of your particular home. We invest our time into establishing and understanding what your needs are and, on that basis, match you with the candidate who will have the right skills and personality for the job.

We care
To give you peace of mind, if your original placement ends prematurely, we will replace the candidate in the first six months absolutely free of charge.

Make yours a Happy Home