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Aug 09, 2022  
Location MONACO, GSTAAD + travel: ASAP start ££££ MONACO, GSTAAD + travel: ASAP start ££££  - helpful if the candidates have EU passports later summer start: MONACO: Two x English MT,  Rota Nannies (2 weeks on/off)     Our long standing NSJ clients are seeking a very experienced, trained & qualified, Rota Nannies  for their twin boys, 5.5 years. Family live between homes in Monaco & Gstaad and also travel extensively over the course of the year.  The twins boys are 5.5 years old and previous experience with twins is super-helpful.  A calm, centred personality, who is able to be a team player with the parents, but who is also discreet and, experienced with travel.  Rota will be 2 weeks on/off, with use of apartment for time off. Nannies must have experience with pre-schoolers, preferably also with twins, ongoing development, be able to...
Nannies of St James Monaco Rota
Aug 09, 2022  
Location BERKSHIRE + travel: September start ££££ (driver essential) BERKSHIRE + travel: **Top, Experienced**, Live-in OR Rota "Country Nanny" for 3 children (3.5 & 1.5 years + newborn) Returning clients are seeking a very experienced, and ideally formally-trained, Live-in OR Rota Nanny for their 3 children, 3.5 years, 18 months & new-born. Our clients live in a beautiful part of Berkshire and do travel (domestically as well as internationally). The normal working hours will be full time, either one week on/off if rota, or Monday - Friday if live-in. This VIP family also requires a certain degree of flexibility to babysit and assist them with occasional travel (gorgeous travel!). Their eldest is 3.5 years old with a happy, lively demeanour and their youngest is 18-months-old and a "typical toddler", with a newborn born who arrived early this summer. The clients have recently relocated from London. For the last...
Nannies of St James Berkshire, UK Rota
Aug 08, 2022  
Location GSTAAD + travel: Late Aug/Sept start £££££ (EU passport & driver required) Late Aug/Sept start in GSTAAD SWITZERLAND :  Our International clients based in Gstaad, Switzerland are seeking a Live-in Nanny to work with their very busy family family.  There are four children, three older ones at school full time (G10, B8 & B6 years and one little boy, 2.5 who starts at nursery in September in the mornings.   Nanny will work 5 days/week (covering the weekend, with two days off during the week). Family's main home is in Gstaad, but they also have properties in Morocco and Portugal and like to travel to South Africa and further afield.  Mother is Russian and father French,  ideally they are looking for an experienced nanny to live with their family in Gstaad and travel with the family.  The three older children attend full time school in Gstaad.  Full duties with...
Nannies of St James Gstaad, Saanen, Switzerland Full time
Aug 05, 2022  
Late August start in central London for a splendid, English MT, Daily Nanny   for Italian clients returning to central London from New York.  This role is to work with G18 months and will be full time, 5 days/week but the days needs to include weekends. We are seeking a  English MT, Daily Nanny   for our lovely clients who are returning to London after a couple of years in New York. They have a gorgeous little girl, now aged 18 months and are seeking an upbeat, organised experienced nanny to take care of her.  Initially they will be taking a short let whilst they purchase a house in the above areas, Kensington, Notting Hill or Holland Park, so centrally located but not as yet specific.   The hours will be 7.30am - 6.00pm, working 5 week days/week and the nanny may choose the days, but they *must* include Saturdays & Sundays.   Someone who can plan activities, play dates in the area, will keep the little one in her...
Nannies of St James Central London, London, UK Full time
Aug 04, 2022  
Our international clients are seeking their first Nanny for their son, currently aged 10 months: Family are based in Holland Park, but while the baby is still young, they will split there time between London, Greece and Switzerland.  The baby has had a maternity nurse/nanny since he was born.  The baby is in a superb routine and well on the way to being fully weaned, he sleeps through the night.  So our clients would hope that the new nanny would continue with his developmental and educational development, taking him to classes and activities, going to play dates etc.  Previous travelling experience with little ones is important for these early years, also the nanny must be a competent swimmer.  Driving is not necessary, family have a driver and staff in all locations.  Nanny will be responsible for the baby's laundry and might occasionally have to prepare food for him.  Nanny will have her own bedroom and bathroom in all locations.  The...
Nannies of St James LONDON, GREECE SWITZERLAND Full time
Aug 03, 2022  
MOSCOW + travel (Dubai, London++): Experienced, Rota Nanny/Governess for B3.5 years (2 week on/off rota) International clients of ours in Moscow are seeking an a second Rota Nanny/Governess for their only son, 3.5 years. They have had over three years with their current nanny who has left to return to Australia, we have a new Australian nanny with our clients and we are now looking for a second Australian or New Zealand rota nanny, so our clients are newly looking for a partner to our nanny, or perhaps French speaking.  Nannies will work in rota having mixed shared & sole charge care of the little one and also be educationally motivated. Parents are therefore keen that the new Nanny has the educational and developmental experience to continue with the little one at home. There is also extensive, international travel to the UK Russia & Europe. This is the second Nanny for our clients and they have decided that they will have two nannies working a...
Nannies of St James MOSCOW, DUBAI, UAE & LONDON Full time
Jul 27, 2022  
Location CHELSEA SW3: Aug/Sept start ££££   CHELSEA from end August/early September : We are seeking a top, sole charge, **trained German or English MT**, Daily Nanny   for our international, professional, educated clients who are based in the heart of Chelsea SW3.  Our clients have 2 children; B2.5 years & G8 months, both who are in fantastic routines courtesy of their very wonderful German Nanny who is leaving to work overseas (the out-going nanny is very well known to us). So the family is seeking a new, equally wonderful, Daily Nanny to replace her and work in a mainly sole charge capacity.  The new candidate must have an excellent track record with both the baby & toddler age groups and be adept and assured with both developmental stages. The working hours will be Monday to Friday, 08.00 - 18.30 and the preferred candidate will be either German or English MT and ideally have formal...
Nannies of St James Chelsea, London, UK Full time
Jul 27, 2022  
Location MONACO: late August start ££££ (**EU passport holder & confident driver essential + excellent English**)   MONACO: *Experienced* Rota Nanny (excellent English) for 2 girls: 4.5 years & 7 months - EU passport preferred - Late August start Professional working clients of ours in Monaco are seeking a second rota candidate for their two daughters. The little girls are currently 4.5 years & 7 months and have historically always had English MT nannies, therefore candidates with *English First Language* is a major requirement. The new nanny should be very experienced with both babies and pre-schoolers, like routine and be very organised. A strong portfolio with excellent supporting references.  Confident driver & excellent English are also essential requirements.  A separate apartment in the same building provided for the nannies' use.  Our clients are Monégasque/Swiss, and...
Nannies of St James Monaco Rota
Jul 27, 2022  
Location PRIMROSE HILL NW3 + travel: ASAP start £££££ PRIMROSE HILL NW3: Top, formally trained, Weekend, Daily Nanny (B6 & G3 years + new-born baby due) - ASAP start with excellent remuneration Our returning, very formal NSJ clients are seeking a well-qualified, formally-trained, Daily, Weekend Nanny to care for a B6 & G3 years and new-born baby. The family are based in Primrose Hill and all activities are within easy walking distance. The normal working hours will be Saturday & Sunday, 8am - 6pm, with occasional cover of the ‘weekday’ nanny’s annual leave and majority of the bank holidays. The hours are likely to increase upon the birth of the third child, with role likely to become three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from this point onwards.  This role will primarily be London based, but as of early 2023, the family will be spending time in their newly renovated, country...
Nannies of St James Primrose Hill, London, UK Part time
Jul 27, 2022  
Location CONNECTICUT, USA + travel: driver essential + US visa restrictions apply (see below) August start (although flexible for right applicant) in CONNECTICUT, USA : We are seeking a young, fun *Norland-trained Nanny* for clients in Connecticut USA. Please kindly note that due to strict USA visa laws the nanny needs to be under 25 to apply for the J1 visa and a confident driver is also required. This will be a really fun opportunity for a Norland-trained nanny who wants to see a bit of the world and get some overseas experience. Our clients currently have 2 children; G6.5 & B4.5 years with a new baby due in the autumn (Sept/Oct). The nanny will perform full child-related duties. The children are close siblings, interacting well with each other and consequently like to do things together. They have a good social network and attend a variety of clubs & activities, with their school/nursery approximately a 10 min drive away. The new baby...
Nannies of St James Connecticut, USA Full time
Jul 27, 2022  
Location LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA: ASAP start £££££ (driver essential and **must** have Green Card or US passport)   ASAP start in CALIFORNIA: We are looking for a Rota Nanny, to work in tandem with the US Nanny  for our Australian professional client who is recently located in Los Altos, California (near San Francisco).  **A confident driver is essential and due to strict US employment laws the Nanny must have Green Card or US passport to apply**. There are three children in the household,  two fun boys aged 6 &4 who are at nursery and school and a girl aged 2 years.  The rota will be one week on/off and we are looking for an upbeat, organised candidate who will work as a team coordinating together over the schedule etc. Mother works in the tech world and is super busy working with teams all over the world, so will be working on different time schedules a lot of the time.  So the...
Nannies of St James Los Altos, CA, USA Rota
Jul 22, 2022  
Location KENSINGTON W14: end Aug/early Sept start ££££ (driver helpful) end August /early September start in KENSINGTON W14:  Part time, sole charge, English MT, Daily Nanny required for 3 children: G9, G6.5 & B2 years Our French clients require a  native English MT, Daily Nanny,  and are favouring candidates who are relatively local and don't have a long commute.  Th eir  girls, 8 & 6 years, are in a bilingual school, so mother is keen for nanny to speak English only with all three children. Our clients are ultimately seeking a long-term Nanny, someone who will stay with the family for the next 18 months/2 years. Full Nanny duties for the children. The hours are part-time, working weekdays 08:00-17.00, and 3 or 4 days days/week + 1 contracted babysit.  There is some flexibility as to which days the nanny would be work. This lovely role is to replace our current (lovely!) NSJ nanny...
Nannies of St James Kensington, London, UK Part time
Jul 22, 2022  
Location CLAPHAM COMMON, SW4 + travel: ££££ CLAPHAM COMMON, SW4 + travel: Daily, full-time Nanny for 5 children (B9, G7, twin G3’s & B1 years) CLAPHAM COMMON + country & international travel: This busy, loving family are looking for a highly-competent, experienced full-time Nanny to care for their five children, ranging from 1 to 9 years in age. Our professional clients based near to Clapham Common (SW4) are seeking a new full-time Nanny for their five children. Normal working hours will be Monday to Friday, 07.45 - 19.00 (some flexibility with start time, if required). Please note that the family do have a second home in the UK countryside and would require their new nanny to support them with both some country (Suffolk) and international based travel during school holidays. The right nanny for our clients will be a highly capable & organised candidate with excellent longevity in roles. Someone fun,...
Nannies of St James Clapham Common, London, UK Full time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location PETERSHAM, SURREY: mid-Sept start (driver preferred) ££££ mid-September start in PETERSHAM, SURREY: experienced, local, Daily Nanny for 2 children (B3 years & G14 months - at the start of the appointment)  We are recruiting for a fun & enthusiastic, but experienced & calm,  Daily Nanny  for professional parents.  The family is based in beautiful village of Petersham, very close to the western edge of Richmond Park, and due to their location this role would best be suited to a candidate who lives relatively locally in SW London. Our clients would like a mid-September start, and the working hours are lovely: Monday - Friday: 08.00/08.30 - 17.30/18.00 (approx. 9-10 hours/day). There is a beloved family dog so the nanny must like dogs (French bulldog), but she doesn't need to be responsible for the dog. Our clients would like their new nanny to be warm, friendly, enthusiastic and...
Nannies of St James PETERSHAM, SURREY Full time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location ABU DHABI: mid-November (12 week booking) £££££ November 2022 (12 week booking) for a *very* experienced Maternity Nurse for long standing VIP clients based in Abu Dhabi (baby #5) Formal household (high profile clients) are seeking a top, Maternity Nurse for their 5th baby due November 2022.  This will be a three month booking. Maternity Nurse should be specialize in breast feeding as mother keen to breast feed for this last baby. The hours are 24 hour x 6 days. There are four older children in the household with own nanny: G11 and three boys 11, 10 & 8 years. This is a very formal, fully staffed household, so there are no nursery duties.  Top rate available.  3 month/12 week booking that could extend.   Sole Charge Sole Live In or Daily Overseas Accommodation supplied Driver No Use of Car No
Nannies of St James Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Temporary
Jul 21, 2022  
Location MARYLEBONE + some travel: end Sept/early Oct start ££££ (driver preferred) end Sept/early Oct start in MARYLEBONE: Top, *trained*, Daily Nanny (G5 yrs & new baby due in mid-October) New clients in Marylebone are seeking a  superb, **trained** mixed car, Daily Nanny  to support mum with her 2 children.  The role will start towards the end of September/early October, so the new Nanny is established before the arrival of a second baby (a baby boy is due in mid-October).  We are recruiting for a candidate with training, ideally a Norland applicant or someone with other formal training. This is Daily role Monday - Friday; contractual 10 hour days: 8/8:30am to 6/6:30pm with the flexibility for occasional, prearranged babysitting.  The new Nanny must have proven experience of supporting new babies & school-age children, and be a good team player for this mixed sole/shared care role....
Nannies of St James Marylebone, London, UK Full time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location ST JOHN'S WOOD + travel: end Aug start (driver pref) ££££ end of August start in ST JOHN'S WOOD + travel: Top, trained (eg Norland), Daily Nanny for 3 little girls (4 years, 20 months & a few weeks)   We are looking to hire an  exceptional and experienced Daily Nanny  for our client's three daughters; almost 4 years, 20 months & baby, a few weeks old (born June 2022). To replace their current Norland-trained Nanny. Our clients - Australian/British - have a preference to hire a formally-trained Nanny (ideally Norland or equivalent), however they are open to interviewing experienced, highly regarded candidates,  someone with great experience of babies, toddlers & school age, and who would like to be committed long term to their family. They are based in St John’s Wood close to all the super local amenities and need someone to work Daily, Monday - Friday 07.30/08.00 -...
Nannies of St James St John's Wood, London, UK Full time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location MUSWELL HILL/HIGHGATE + extensive travel: ASAP start (driver essential)   ASAP July/August start in MUSWELL HILL/HIGHGATE + extensive travel: Daily Nanny (G4 years & B15 months) Our international clients in North London are actively seeking a new  Daily Nanny . The family relocated to London from the USA earlier this year and have 2 children; G4 years & B15 months. The role will be a Daily, sole/shared care (with another nanny), working Monday – Friday, 09.00 - 19.00 with some very exciting, professional travel. Back in the USA the family had a long-standing nanny who was with them for 3+ years (since their daughter was born) but understandably wasn’t able to relocate with them. They have since recruited another nanny but would like a team of two nannies working for them, in-order to ensure full cover at busy times. This is a very exciting opportunity for a nanny looking to explore the world through...
Nannies of St James MUSWELL HILL/HIGHGATE Full time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location ST JOHNS WOOD NW8: Late summer start ££££ (driver preferred)  late summer start in St Johns Wood NW8: PT, Daily Nanny/Governess/Role Model  ££££ Delightful, returning clients of ours are seeking a new Daily Nanny from early summer time, to replace their much-loved, current NSJ Nanny who is moving on after 4 years. These are hard-working, professional parents and are seeking a really great daily, Nanny/Governess for their three daughters (twins 9 years and sister 6 years), so this is best suited to a fun, outgoing personality who enjoys working with girls!  The family is located in St John's Wood, very close to Regents Park and all activities and shops are within walking distance. This is a Daily role and hours will be part time during term time with full time in the holidays: Monday - Friday: 2/3pm - 7pm Monday-Friday (term time) with 8/9am - 6pm (holidays). This is ideally a...
Nannies of St James Saint Johns Wood, London, UK Part time
Jul 21, 2022  
Location COTSWOLDS + travel: mid-December start (4 month bookings) ££££   Cotswolds + travel: TWO x Rota Maternity Nurses  - mid-December start (4 month bookings) ££££ Great role, for 2 x 5* Maternity Nurses! Returning, professional, hands-on clients, are seeking TWO, very experienced & professional, Rota Maternity Nurses to provide 24/7 care for their second baby who is due at the end of December. These positions will be 4 month contracts, from mid/end December until end April 2023. Each MN will work a 24/7 rota (or possibly 24/10 if all parties are happy), in a fully staffed household alongside mum, dad and the two nannies for the eldest child, so it is really vital the new MN candidates are great team players and happy to work to mum's requirements. The Rota Maternity Nurses must be fully trained & qualified and have extensive experience (minimum of 5+ years) working...
Nannies of St James Cotswolds, UK Rota