SafeCircle Sitters

SafeCircle is an established babysitting service, owned and managed by parents who understand that for worry-free nights out, compromising is not an option.

You're a busy parent who cares. Cares about their children more than anything in the world and who realises that when it comes to arranging evening childcare for a few short hours to enjoy, inviting "just anyone" to look out for your children is not good enough.

Because "just anyone" doesn't know how to engage and settle your children easily. "Just anyone" won't know how to handle any situation that arises. "Just anyone" doesn't equal a worry-free night out.

The question is, in the world of babysitting where there are no standards, and no regulations - how do you find childcarers that you can trust?

That's why we started SafeCircle.

SafeCircle brings order to chaos by delivering trust through regulation. With our "Assurance Framework" we ensure that we continuously provide a first-class standard of care and the exceptional babysitters that children love to have back.

We're different to other babysitting services because we ensure that our sitters are verified not just when they join but throughout their lifetime with us, with renewed checks every three years. We go the extra mile for your family's peace of mind.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you're in good company. Great parents are already trusting us, from doctors to professional sportspeople, and business owners to childcare professionals. They all share your desire to find the best for your children.

They all know that with us you don't get "just anyone" - you get a SafeCircle Sitter.

That's why we've helped so many parents enjoy worry-free nights out since 2014 (and left their children asking when the sitters are coming back next).

To start enjoying your worry-free nights out again, visit and see your local sitters today.