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Working as a Rota Nanny

What does a rota nanny do? A rota nanny works in exactly the same way as a traditional nanny or governess.


Rota nannies most commonly work a 7/7 or 14/14 day rota. Although some families will request 1month on/ off rota.

A rota nanny will provide the family with 24/7 care for their children and so are very common for newborns, toddlers and early years. In addition, families who wish to introduce one, or in some cases two new languages along with their native tongue from an early age will employ 2 nannies from different nationalities to work a rota shift pattern with their family. 

Rota nannies will sometimes travel with their families and in this case, the shit patter may alter slightly to work around travel dates. In most cases, when working the nanny will be living in with the family and then travel back to their own country when not working. We see rota nanny and rota governess jobs in high demand in Dubai, Moscow, USA, France, Switzerland, Spain and China.