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Tips on Creating a JIC Profile

As the number of applications posted through Jobs in Childcare approaches 10,000 with almost 200 registered agencies, hundreds of job seekers have now successfully found positions through the site.


As a candidate, it is important for you to know that one of the best ways to get hired is through being listed in the Jobs in Childcare database. When agencies browse the database, they can immediately find candidates’ Jobs in Childcare resumes (not just their CVs) and contact them directly about available roles. And being headhunted by an agency for a top salary position is a great feeling!


So, for the best chance of finding a great job or being approached by an agency, you’ll first need to register for Jobs in Childcare. This is easy enough. If you haven’t done so already, you can follow this link, click on ‘Job Seeker’ and then create your profile. When your profile has been approved as real and serious (it must include a short personal statement) you will be able to apply for jobs.

You'll find yourself here


 However, to drastically improve your chances of finding a top notch position you will also need to post a resume on the site. To do this, make sure you are registered for the site (as above) and when your registration has been approved, click on ‘My Account’, ‘Create New Resume’ and then ‘Post a Resume’.


The resume you create here will be listed in the database, where many agencies and employers will browse for suitable candidates for their open positions. Note that where applicable, it is perfectly acceptable to copy and paste the information from your CV to here.


And - to stand out in the database and have the best chance of being approached for top notch nanny, governor, governess or tutor positions, of course you want to have a great Job in Childcare resume.

The 7 tips below will help you to achieve this. Follow them carefully!


  1. Upload your own CV


The ‘Create New Resume’ page will firstly invite you to upload your own CV. Remember that this should be tailored to the role. If you aren’t sure that your CV is up to scratch, you can follow our guide on how to write an excellent childcare resume here.

Please remember that to be searchable in the database you should also input this information on the ‘Create New Resume’ form. Again, it’s totally fine to copy and paste from your CV where suitable.


  1. Check your spelling and grammar


Us, when you didn't spellcheck your CV and profile


It should go without saying that the spelling and grammar on your Jobs in Childcare resume (as well as on the CV you upload) should be flawless. If you want agencies (and families) to understand that you are organised, committed and serious, your CV should reflect this. If you’re not sure about your language skills, ask a friend to help or use an app like Grammarly. There is no excuse for grammatical or spelling errors in a professional document, and submitting a resume with mistakes will likely be extremely detrimental to your application.


  1. Include information about previous roles


The list of information about your previous working positions should not just be the name of the place you worked at. Include details on what your duties were and what you achieved during the period of your contract. If your contract finished early, provide details on why. The more information you can provide here, the better.


  1. Use a sensible email address

 These types of email addresses are not ideal.


Make sure your email address is professional. Your contact details are an obvious but key part of your application. If you haven’t got a professional sounding email address (ie your name!), now is a great time to create one. Simply go to Gmail and apply!


  1. Include your qualifications


Upload your qualification certificates to make the process easier for agencies browsing for candidates. A warning for any who are tempted to upload fake documents - you can be fined and prosecuted for this. Don’t try it.


  1. Upload photos


You can find an option to add supporting photos near the bottom of your Jobs in Childcare resume. Adding photos of yourself at work and in a work environment can be a great way for you to enhance your application and show your best side. Please read our blog post on how best to use photos to support your application for more information.


  1. Add a video


To really make your application stand out and give you a better opportunity of reaching the top salary bracket, you may wish to upload a video of yourself. If you haven’t got one - you can always record one in a short space of time using a smartphone. A 1-2 minute video introducing yourself and explaining a little about your background really can do a lot for your resume.

When you’ve done all this, simply make sure you have clicked the box ‘Let Employers Find my Resume’ and you’ll be listed in the database and easy for agencies and potential employers to contact.

When agencies contact you, it will then be up to you to give a great interview (click here to find out how!) - and you’ll hopefully be on the way to beginning your dream childcare job.

Good luck!