Oct 09, 2020

Full-Time Live in SEN Nanny or Manny in NW8

£38,000 - £40,000 yearly
  • Sennies
  • Saint Johns Wood, London, UK
Full time Nanny Manny SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Job Description

Full-Time Live in SEN Nanny or Manny in NW8

Location: St Johns Wood,  NW8

Wage / Salary: £38,800 -  £40,350 gross per annum  / ( £540 - £570 net per week )  

Accommodation: Lovely separate suite with kitchenette, storage area, en suite bath / shower room and double bed with food provided.


  • Essential - Automatic car to use on duty 


  • Autism experience 
  • Caring nature
  • Flexible approach
  • Positive reinforcement and language 
  • Helpful and cooperative attitude 
  • Strong initiative
  • Experience working with children of varying ages
  • Comfortable with and happy to travel with the family on holidays when it is safe to do so


  • Experience looking after multiple children
  • Dyspraxia experience 
  • ADHD experience
  • Twin experience  

Start Date: Mid November 

Days & Hours: 

  • Term time: 7am - 7.30pm with a 2 hour break each day
  • School holidays: 8am - 7.30pm 
  • One evening of babysitting per week

Pets:The family is interested in getting a kitten so ideally the Sennie should be open to pets - however this is not yet certain and is open to discussion. 

SENNIES are looking for a Full-time, Live-in SEN Nanny or Manny for a fun, busy family of 4 children in St Johns Wood, B11(SEN) , G8 & Twins G5 & G5. The family are especially keen to find someone who is happy to ‘muck-in’ with the family and work as a team. Someone who is encouraging and able to celebrate each and every achievement or milestone, big or small. 

About B11:

B11 is a kind and intelligent and young man, who was recently diagnosed as being on the Autistric spectrum and with ADHD. He also has moderately severe Dyspraxia which was diagnosed several years ago. He goes to a mainstream, single sex school, where he is doing very well.

He loves reading,computers, animals, bike riding, watching movies with his sister (currently working through the Marvel films), walks and hikes in parks or the countryside, and talking about his prefered subjects such as current affairs and technology. He's extremely caring of his younger sisters and loves spending time with his grandparents and uncle. He has a few close friends that he enjoys playdates with and he loves going on day trips during the holidays e.g. to museums, zoos, parks or trampoline centres. He has adventurous taste in food and very much enjoys trying new foods or going out for meals. He has a weekly computer coding lesson online which he is doing really well with, and a SEN-specialist tutor. 

Whilst he can be extremely loving and caring; he has a few challenges such as struggling with self-awareness, regulating his emotions, a need for clarity, and understanding how to communicate appropriately for different social situations. This can lead to some frustrations and miscommunications if his communication is misinterpreted, which is an area the family are actively working on. He also has some sensory sensitivities which need to be taken into account given he lives within a busy, sometimes noisy household. When frustrated or anxious, B11 may appear a little standoffish or short as he has not yet found the right communication tools that work effectively for him. Patience and a thick skin is key when interacting with him.

B11’s morning routine has become a struggle for him as he gets easily distracted without support. He doesn't like being late or knowing that time is running out so routine is very important, yet it can be difficult to provide B11 the support he needs as he craves independence and privacy. He does not like ambiguity or feeling like there are too many demands being put on him at one time. The family needs a Sennie who understands how to use positive reinforcement and language to help encourage positive behaviours, conversations and interactions with B11. Someone who has previous experience helping children find effective forms of communication and understands the nuances of Autistic behaviours is really important. B11 is not a physically aggressive child and has a fascinating mind and can be great fun to talk to and engage with. 

About G8:

G8 is charming, loving, friendly and compassionate. She is mature and independent for her age and is great company to be around. It is important that the chosen Sennie can interact with G8 and ensure she isn't left out or overshadowed by her siblings. 

G8 enjoys reading, ballet, playing piano, baking, listening to pop music, being read to (special books above her reading level like 'Little Women' or, currently, a book of Greek and Norse myths), spending special time with adults, watching her favourite TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing or, more recently, Top Gear! She is very sociable and has lots of friends who she loves to have playdates with. In the holidays she enjoys going on day trips and also spending lots of time with her friends or going on special interest camps. 

About Twins G5 & G5:

Twins G5 & G5 are confident, assured and cheerful. They are very funny and love to sing, dance, do arts and crafts and bake. They are outgoing, fun and extremely independent. They are doing very well at school and enjoy reading, writing, and number work. They are sociable and make friends easily, enjoying supervised playdates. They are active and love going to playgrounds, riding their bikes, jumping on the trampoline in the garden, swimming, building dens, and visiting parks. They love nature and animals. They hero worship their older sister! As most 5 year olds do, they can become over-excited  which is sometimes  overwhelming for B11. It's important that the selected Sennie can help all children express their creativity in different ways whilst being respectful of each other's space. 

All 3 girls attend the same a single sex school. 

About the role:

This is a wonderful Live-in Sennie role, caring for 4 amazing children. The role will include but is not limited to: Help with the morning routine, school drop offs/pick up, school holiday childcare, preparing healthy balanced meals for the family, helping with homework, helping the children prepare their school bags for the next day, taking time to engage with each children in their preferred activities from (reading, baking  singing/dancing etc.) cleaning up after the children and preparing the children for their bedtime routine. 

Their current nanny has been with them for 5 years and joined the family when the twins were first born. Following B11’s diagnosis, an increase of daily challenges, and the fact all children now attend school full time - the family have reached out to SENNIES to find the perfect fit for their busy and eclectic family.

We are looking for someone who can help B11 build upon his independence, help him to regulate his emotions and work on implementing techniques to help with routine and structure for the whole family. The selected Sennie will also be able to emotionally support and care for G8 and Twins G5 & G5, ensuring no child feels left out. Someone who has experience with Autism and/or ADHD and a positive and flexible approach, to best support all children and their individual needs. 

There is a daily housekeeper and your focus will be on the children, however usual nursery duties and cleaning up after yourself is expected. The family would also like somebody who is able to help out with family dinners, due to the parents' often long working hours.The parents currently work from home due to the pandemic however hope to return to work when it is safe to do so. This is a warm, informal and kind household that hopes to find a Sennie with the same attitude as them who is happy to get stuck in!

A genuine interest in working with SEN children is a must.

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