Oct 02, 2020

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  • Paris, France
Part time Tutor

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Tutor for boy 9 years old with SEN and child 2 years old in Paris
LANGUAGE: English native, French native
SALARY: Salary is negotiable
SCHEDULE: Part-time / Permanent, it is discussed, 3-4 hours a day
DETAILS: Tutor for boy 9 years old with SEN and child 2 years old in Paris|
REQUIREMENTS:-  specialized education (teacher/psychologist); - the right to work in the EU, EU citizenship / permanent residence; - knowledge of English, because the child is studying in an English school; - preferably knowledge of French, because the family lives in France; - competent Russian speech; - experience of working with children with developmental disabilities outside the spectrum; - work experience for private families; - age - up to 50 years. -Personal characteristics for each candidate: attention and love for children, kindness, neatness, cleanliness. diligence, working capacity, stress resistance, the ability to observe subordination

- Education, training, and consolidation of the child's progress;

- Teach and strengthen basic skills: reading, writing, counting, and speaking;

- Share and transfer knowledge and experience to the child;

- Assess the level of the child in relation to his knowledge of the French language, his academic performance, and the degree of mastery of skills;

- Stimulating activities to develop the child's personality;

-Team building and artistic and cultural development;

- To teach vocabulary in Russian and English in order to communicate with any person, with him, children and adults, by the professionals of T.S.A. or others;

- Work to integrate and comply with social codes;

- Encourage and strengthen social interaction: in the family / with siblings, with other children, at school and outside, as well as with adults in general

- To teach the child to the  new things in all areas

- Organize cultural visits and accompany  on various weekly excursions (for example, to a museum, zoo, circus, park, aquarium, concert, theater, etc.)

- Introduce the child to the world of sports and art;

- Regularly work on piano playing and singing, helping with

homework for piano lessons

• Offer and organize a variety of activities (eg yoga, stretching, gymnastics, football, dancing, painting, cooking, etc.)

-Introduce the child to the world of sports and art;

- Full care at home: develop self-service skills of the children;

- Creating visual aids that will allow your child to gain more independence;

-Personal hygiene: cleanliness, hand washing, body care, teeth brushing, dressing and undressing;

-Nutrition: teaching healthy eating in accordance with family habits (vegetarian cuisine only).  Adapt food texture to the real age of the child. Diversify his diet, teach trying new products, and new textures. Regulate baby's nutrition, teach him to regularly and independently feed himself in accordance with social norms (at the table, in a group or independently, depending on the circumstances at the moment);

-It is possible to prepare only vegetarian, healthy, and balanced food;

-Cleaning the child's room, cleaning his wardrobe, and preparing things for school the night before (uniforms, school supplies, sports clothes, etc.);

- Preparing the child's luggage before the family leaves on vacation;

-Medical and paramedical section;

-Organization, accompanying, and regular monitoring of medical and

therapeutic techniques from a speech therapist, psychologist, psychomotor therapist, child psychiatrist, dentist, etc.

- Communicate regularly with professionals to ensure effective care for the child both at school and at home;

-Train and guide any person associated with the child to work with a person with autism spectrum disorder.

ACCOMMODATION: it is not provided

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