Sep 04, 2020

tutor for a 9-year-old child with autistic disabilities (Ref. 2331)

  • English Nanny
  • Paris, France
Part time Tutor

Job Description


SCHEDULE OF WORK: 3-4 hours a day, the schedule is discussed

RESPONSIBILITIES: - accompanying the child to school and to extracurricular activities organized by the school,


- maintaining a pedagogical connection between school and family,


- attending school meetings,


- follow-up control of the child's dossier with an authorized teacher,


- organization of various events and educational games


OBJECTIVES: -To guide the child in his learning at school


- Help your child overcome difficulties at school and help with homework at home


- Help concentrate and listen in class


- Help in social integration with other children at school


- Collaborate with the school pedagogical team to create a personalized project for the student


- Develop specific strategies using pedagogical and / or environmental adaptations as appropriate to


promoting fundamental learning while teaching


- Be the main contact person for the teaching staff and parents


- Make daily written reports for parents


REQUIREMENTS: - specialized education (teacher / psychologist);


- the right to work in the EU, EU citizenship / permanent residence;


- knowledge of English, because the child is enrolled in an English school;


- knowledge of French is desirable, because the family lives in France;


- competent Russian speech;


- experience of working with children with developmental disabilities outside the spectrum;


- work experience in families;


- age - up to 50 years.

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