Jun 25, 2020

Active English Native Governor for Boy 6 years old || The Crimea|| 2 months July and august||5 days a week 2 days off or 6 days a week || Salary is negotiable / Ref.N 5132

  • English Nanny
  • Crimea
Full time Governor

Job Description

SALARY: Salary is negotiable


An Active English Native Governor is needed for boy 6 years old .

The boy is very active and curious.

The Boy has some level of English. 

DUTIES: arranging daily roitine of the boy, arranging activities ( jumping,, running, cooking, fishing, building castles, picnics. The tutor should interest the child as much as possible.

REQUIREMENTS: The family considers candidates who reside in Moscow.

Some knowledge of Russian is advantage , as there will be Russian nanny , it is needed to communicate with nanny.

LOCATION: The Crimea

SCHEDULE:5 days a week 2 days off   or 6 days a week

Contract for July and August.

SALARY: Salary is negotiable 

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