May 12, 2020

Relaxed Aussie family with 5 month old boy in Queens Park! ASAP, Live in or Out!

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  • Queen's Park, London, UK
Full time Nanny

Job Description

Relaxed Aussie family with 5 month old boy in Queens Park with private accommodation and gorgeous doggo! The family are looking for a mature, reliable nanny with lots of common sense and experience working with newborns/young babies is a must!! Lovely job looking after baby boy :-) 


DetailsType of Role:       Live In or Daily 

NannyCharge Type:       Sole Charge - Parents are working at home whilst in lockdown. 

Start Date:           ASAP 

Location:              NW

London Days & Hours of Work:  Mon:::Tues:::Weds:::Thurs:::Fri, 7:30AM-6:30PM ( may only be 10am -5pm during lockdown)

Salary:                              £400-£450+ (depends on experience) per week live in . Daily - flexible with salary and hours)Payday is TBC and salary will be reviewed annually.   

Driving RequirementsNo driver required.  

DutiesStandard duties includeCleaning up after the children, Children's bedrooms & bedding - not family or guests, Childrens laundry - not family washing, Meals for children (if meal for family, clarify), Meal plan, Emptying the dishwasher, Baby will just be having milk and some mushy food 

Interests: Likes looking at black and white pictures, loves being held, very alert
 Typical Activities & Routine7:30AM - 6:30PM: the routine will change from right now (mid Jan) as the baby will be a few months older but will mostly be feeding, napping and playing throughout the day! 

About the Family
Languages Spoken: English
Parent work from home: Sometimes Mum will work at home in April
Religious Requirements: None
Household Dietary Restrictions: No Restrictions
How would you describe your children and what sort of traits would their perfect Nanny need to have?
Calm, relaxed, gentle, confident with the baby
Household Pets: Otto the dog - spaniel
Family Arrangement: Mum and Dad
Other Household Staff: Yes One day a week
How would you describe your family? Relaxed Aussie expats, like to go for walks with the dog, spend time with Mum's brother, active, social, like to be home on the weekends

TravelWill travel with the family be required: Yes
Travel Details: Only if the Nanny wanted to go with the family!
Holiday details: Split 50/50 

Live-In Nanny DetailsExpectations for evenings & weekends: No expectations - parents want to spend as much time with Felix as possible, welcome to spend time with family for dinner, may be hard for the Nanny to leave and come through the house a lot as the accommodation is in the loft and may wake parents/baby
Guidelines around personal visitors & guests: Friends are OK - not all the time but friends are welcome
What food is the Nanny provided with? Open to whatever the Nanny wants but very happy for the Nanny to be part of the family food shopping
Does the family store things in the nanny room and expect to have access? No
Is the Nanny expected to give up her room if guests are coming to stay?
Amenities in the Nanny's room: Wifi,TV,Wardrobe,Double bed,Drawers,Ensuite,Loft/basement floor,Self contained
Bathroom Location: In the loft with the bedroom - en suite (loft conversion)
Bedroom Setup: All provided by the family

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