Apr 30, 2019

Intelligent and Experienced Governess for a family in Belgorod Ref 4422

£800 - £1,200 weekly
  • English Nanny
  • Belgorod, Russia
Full time Governess

Job Description


The family , living in Belgorod, is looking for a governess for Girl 12 and  Boy 4  years old

The boy has basic level in English

Only female candidates are considered, before 35 years. The governess should have experience in working with children who don't have any level of English and be able to make the child interested in learning another language.

There are no Russian nannies

During school holidays - family travels. Family likes to go to France.

The family is considering to do 1-2 months trial , and after that if the trial is succesful , the family is ready to sign long term contract.

DUTIES: all duties around the child, the main target is to develop English of the children, it is very important to make the children interested in the process and share children interests. 

the girl likes history and knows a lot so the candidate is to be intelligent . She likes dances, ice skating, read very much. For her to take a book away is a punishment

The governess is to do homework with the child and discuss what she is doing in English. 

housekeeping duties are not involved, cooking is not involved

LOCATION: Belgorod


5/2 or 6 /1

SALARY: 800-1200 pw

ACCOMMODATION: separate appartment

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