Mar 06, 2023

[J3995] PARIS (16th): English MT, s/charge, Live-in Nanny (G5 yrs)

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  • Paris, France
Full time Nanny

Job Description

PARIS (16th) + travel: May start with separate studio (post-Brexit, candidate must be able to work in France)

May start in Paris (16th): Professional, British client in Central Paris are looking for a new English MT, Live-in Nanny for her daughter, 5 years

The position is to start any time from May onwards

The mother is a is a professional, British working mother who is looking for someone great to take sole charge of her daughter, 5 years old Monday - Friday, 14.00 - 20.00 term time and 09.00 - 20.00 in the school holidays (which account for 14 weeks per year). 

Client lives in the 16th, a stunningly beautiful arrondissement, on the banks of the Seine, close to Le Tour Eiffel, Champs-Élysées, Les Invalides and Jardins du Trocadero - so very central and lots of activity going on. 

Our client is looking for a warm loving and great nanny, ideally with early years or teaching experience. Someone who will be a part of the child’s life and of their family. Needs to speak English and ideally some French (it helps) but not absolutely necessary, could take a course some mornings that client will be happy to arrange.



This is a mix of sole charge and shared care role. Mother and nanny are to be a real working team. Reliable and flexible and understanding relationship. Mother likes a relaxed and fun loving atmosphere at home, with music and dancing, playing and being girlie is much-loved!

There is also a housekeeper in charge of the home, laundry, ironing, cleaning, food shopping and occasional (when necessary) meal prep. 


Nanny will be In charge of everything related to the child: 

  • Plan activities with the child. Play dates, Park and playground, Games, museums, going to market, arts and crafts, reading stories, baking, science fun and walks and outdoor fun. Everything is on the doorstep in the heart of the city. Thousands of things to do in Paris (see @doitinparis).
  • Plan and organise play dates with other children, the client welcomes children into the home. 
  • Subscribing to extra curricular classes in agreement with mum and keep diary/ calendar up to date for dentist/dr appointments, haircuts, shoe size measurements (twice a year), kids birthdays, events etc…
  • Buying basic clothing, vests, underwear, thermals, tights, hats, gloves etc etc.  Buying and preparing school supplies and uniforms before start of the school year.
  • Buying gifts for other kids birthdays. 
  • Making a healthy and balanced meal plan. The child eats and enjoys a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and is a true carnivore, she also eats fish. No seafood and no pork. Limited or at least very little sugar. 
  • After school snacks.
  • In charge of organising the playroom and bedroom and all related to child. Clearing old toys and games as well as old clothes to give to charity. Make giving away something the child is involved in.
  • Strong focus on educational needs: good manners, good habits, good routine, good hygiene, kindness and other soft skills as well as general school work (homework, subject of the week, reading and maths etc etc). The French school system does not focus on soft skills as much as UK.


  • Nanny will occasionally be required to travel and will mostly share a room with the child at these times. 
  • Mother occasionally travels for business and in this case the nanny is to move into the home on a 24hr basis and take over. 
  • There is a daily housekeeper 5 days a week and every Saturday. Housekeeper will take care of all general housework, groceries in coordination with nanny and nanny’s needs. Housekeeper can also share the meal prep when necessary.


Live in:

The nanny can occupy an independent newly renovated studio of 18m2 on the 6th floor  with small private bathroom and little Kitchenette. There is a small washing machine too. Client's apartment is in the same building.



  • Post-Brexit, the new nanny must be able to work in the EU.
  • Role is 2pm to 8pm (when child is at school) 4 days a week (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday).
  • 1 day a week the role is from 10am to 8pm (Wednesday).
  • 2 nights babysitting (weekday only) included - every other Saturday a half day morning or afternoon depending on what works for both mum and nanny. No babysitting expected on the weekend.
  • Role shifts to 9am to 8pm  during school holidays (14 weeks), on occasional sick days or school closures. No babysitting expected during this time.


  • Total average weekly hours: 43 hours.

    Sole Charge Sole
    Live In or Daily Overseas
    Accommodation sept apt
    Driver No
    Use of Car No

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