Feb 28, 2023

Live-in Nanny Housekeeper

  • Eden Private Staff
  • Barnes, London, UK
Full time Nanny Housekeeper

Job Description

  • Location: Barnes, SW14
  • Salary: pa, gross, £35,000
  • Job Pay Interval: Weekly
  • Children: B7, B4, child due end June 2023
  • Contract Length: Permanent
  • Working Days: Monday - Friday, 35 hours to begin, increasing to 60 hours after new-born arrives
  • Start Date: March or April 2023
  • Contractual Notice Period: One month after probation period
  • Nature of Business: Household
  • Statement: Are you looking for a great live-in Nanny Housekeeper role with separate accommodation? SW based family looking to hire now!

Are you looking for a great live-in Nanny Housekeeper role with separate accommodation? SW based family looking to hire now!


Job Summary:  Family with two children and a baby on the way are looking for a new nanny housekeeper to join them in March or April. Ideally would like to avoid starting someone around the week of the 20th of March as Mum is starting new job.

Accommodation: Spacious double room with ensuite bathroom on first floor with garden view. Expected to move to apartment in the garden when construction finished (Summer 2023). Live-out considered if all other criteria are met but candidate wants to live out. Live-in with partner considered once garden apartment is complete.


Working Days & hoursMonday – Friday

Period 1: Beginning of role – end October, Monday – Friday, 35 hours per week.

Monday to Thursday: 7.15am – 9.30am and 3pm – 6.45pm. Friday early finish, 7.15am – 9.30am and 12pm – 5.30pm.

3.25 hours floating for use as required for housekeeping tasks throughout the week.

Period 2: November onwards, Monday – Friday, 60 hours

7:15am – 6.45pm. Early finish on Friday. Floating hours (2.5 hours per week) stored up for use as required to make up 60 hours per week.


General duties:

  • All childcare for the two older children and baby once they are over 4 months old, maternity nurse will be with baby from new-born to 4 months.
  • Babysitting when required
  • B7, attends school locally (0.4 miles from house up a small hill). Needs support with homework, needs supervision of ADD medication, needs to be taken to and from school and extra-curricular activities locally (walking distance) after school during the week.
  • B4, attends nursery locally (0.7 miles from house in same direction and just past school). Will be in reception at same school as B7 from September. Needs to be taken to and from school and extra- curricular activities locally after school during the week.
  • Baby, due end of June. Maternity nurse in place to care for baby for first 4 months. Nanny Housekeeper will be taking care of baby from 1 November onwards.
  • Prepare boys for school in the morning (make pack lunch for nursery, sports kits, school bags, uniforms, money, projects, letters for school etc.).
  • Take over breakfast from parents at 7.15am (tend to start in the house about 6am) Breakfast, brushing teeth and getting dressed for school in the morning and then taking boys to school. This is a 10–15-minute walk there and less than 10 minutes back.
  • 9am back in the house. Tidy up boys’ bedrooms, living room and kitchen if needed. Do some laundry if needed. But laundry can be done in the afternoons when nanny and boys are at home. Prepare food, kit bags and/or activities or other if required for later in the day.
  • Period 2, from November 2023, role will look a bit different. During the day, look after the baby, follow a sleep routine, do appropriate activities with the baby.
  • Collect the boys from school at 3pm and nursery 3.20pm (unless there is an afterschool club in which case school pick up would be 4.30pm) and take them to play or to afterschool activities.
  • Dinner between 5pm/6pm. Cook dinner only for kids. Looking for someone who cooks nutritious meals and cares about health. Need to engage with parents on menu and food choices for the children.
  • Evening routine supervision of homework (where required), dinner, bath 6.20pm brushing teeth and in pyjamas ready for bedtime stories with their parents at 6.45pm.
  • Fridays the nanny will need to collect B7 from school at 12pm with a lunch box and take him to his 1-2-1 literacy support lessons (15 mins away bike ride). B7 will have his lesson from 12:45 – 2:45 and in the meantime nanny will need to wait for him to finish but there is a cafe area at the location with space to do other things while waiting. B4 will be collected by his father on a Friday and brought home to meet the nanny and B7 back at the house by 3.15pm.
  • Teaching children independence and self-reliance. Not looking for a nanny to do everything for the children, definitely looking for someone who will promote them doing things for themselves. B7 has ADD. Whilst a normal child, if you meet and spend time with B7 you will not notice anything different about him, but in terms of managing his life and getting tasks done, he needs extra support with organisation and independence, so need to promote this for both children. This does not need to be done in a strict disciplinarian way, but by using positive reinforcement, praise, warnings ahead of transitions (B7 will struggle if asked to change activity or complete a task without an advance warning). Someone who has an interest in child development and in working with a child with ADD and dyslexia is going to be a plus.
  • Time not spent directly taking care of the children to be spent running errands, doing online shopping for food, uniform etc., looking for and booking activities and clubs for the boys for after school, half-terms, and holidays, buying presents for children’s parties and wrap them etc.
  • Speak Spanish to the children (exclusively if possible) and encourage them to speak Spanish back.

Housekeeping Tasks

  • Do housekeeping activities including ensuring that household has the required food in the house for the whole family throughout the week.
  • Sorting out all the school admin and birthday present buying. Keeping a calendar of children’s activities up to date, including for weekends (although parents will deal with weekend activities).
  • Run the household – the successful applicant will be given a bank account with cards to deal with all the household expenses.
  • Housekeeping duties including, keeping the house tidy, doing laundry, hanging to dry, and putting away, separating laundry for ironing, management of small amount of dry cleaning, food shopping (big shops online but will also need to buy in person where we run out of staples), managing cleaner who will come once a week for 6 hours (separate list of cleaning tasks to be overseen).


Candidate requirements:

  • Fluent English required. Fluent Spanish strongly preferred.
  • Driving license preferred. Family will consider getting a nanny car if applicant does not have own vehicle.
  • Experience and references required.
  • Childcare qualifications expected.
  • Be willing and able to ride a bike a short distance once a week with eldest child on his own bike strongly preferred.
  • Ability to take the initiative. This role is in many ways making up for not having a spouse at home. Therefore, really need someone who will see what needs to be done, think about it, consider what needs to be done etc., discuss it with us and act based on final decision. This will relate to the boys and the house (e.g., what do the boys need, what activities should they do, how do we best arrange their time and give them support, where and when to shop and what to buy based on family preferences etc.).
  • Need someone we can depend upon who will be part of the family and will work with us to make it work (e.g., when ill and unable to work someone who can think in advance about alternative arrangements for childcare etc.).
  • Willing to travel during school holidays would be ideal.
  • Willingness to do nights/proxy-parent in the future. Not regularly required but if there were exceptional circumstances, for example if the baby was ill and not sleeping, might ask the nanny to take the baby for a night so parents can catch up on sleep for additional hours.
  • Up to date clear UK DBS or overseas equivalent required by offer stage and a current Pediatric First Aid certificate. Eden can process both of these if required.

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