Jan 06, 2023

[J3897] LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA: Rota Nanny, One week on/off (B7, B5& G3.5 years)

  • Nannies of St James
  • Los Altos, CA, USA
Rota Nanny

Job Description

Location LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA: Jan start £££££ (driver essential and **must** have Green Card or US passport)

January start in CALIFORNIA: We are looking for a Rota Nanny, to work in tandem with the US Nanny for our Australian professional client who is recently located in Los Altos, California (near San Francisco). 

A confident driver is essential and due to strict US employment laws the Nanny **must** have Green Card or US passport to apply.  OUR CLIENTS ARE SEEKING A DAILY ROTA NANNY, ONE WEEK ON/OFF, SO RESIDENT IN THE BAY AREA.  

There are three children in the household,  two fun boys aged 7, 5 who are at nursery and school and a girl aged 3.5 years.  The rota will be one week on/off and we are looking for an upbeat, organised candidate who will work as a team coordinating together over the schedule etc.

Mother works in the tech world and is super busy working with teams all over the world, so will be working on different time schedules a lot of the time.  So the Nanny needs to be confident to organise the children's schedule, prepare meals for the children, arrange playdates etc.  Also assist with the running of the household, keeping things running smoothly for Mum. Important that the candidates enjoy cooking for the children and if making a Shepherd's pie, will make extra for Mum and themselves.  

The boys are used to a full time nanny and enjoy an active, sporty and busy schedule.  Family are living near parks and school and nursery, so a driver is important.  This is a relaxed household, and having a nanny as well as a Nanny gives the boys a good balance of care. 

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