Aug 05, 2022

Mauritius | English-Speaking Governess – French Knowledge Required | September/October 2022 Start Date

£10,371 weekly
  • Nannies Incorporated
  • Mauritius
Full time Governess

Job Description

Location: Mauritius

Start Date: Sept/Oct 2022

Salary: €2,300 per week

Hours: See job description

Languages: English and French

Experience: Essential

Children details: 8 children

Driving License: Essential

Non-smoker: Essential

Accommodation: Separate accommodation provided


A French expat family based in Mauritius are looking for an English-speaking governess, ideally bilingual in French or with a good knowledge of French.

The family have 8 children, 5 girls aged 12, 10, 8, 2 and 1 year old and 3 boys aged 14, 6 and 5 years old. The parents are both entrepreneurs and are embarking on a new project that will take up a lot of their time, both in Mauritius and abroad.

The family live in a large house with a swimming pool in a secure residence with a concierge.

Pets: The family have multiple pets including 4 very nice medium-sized dogs (cocker spaniel, two street dogs and a chihuahua) as well as 3 cats. 

There is a dedicated carer for the animals, you will not be required to take care of them but should be comfortable working around cats and dogs.

Language Requirements: The older children, aged 14 to 5, all attend a bilingual French/English school. Since the school was closed during COVID lockdowns, the children lost a lot of their knowledge of English and the parents would like to put them back on the "right linguistic path" hence the need for an English-speaking nanny. The parents themselves have basic knowledge of English and mainly speak French.

The family is therefore looking for an English-speaking governess with a good knowledge of French, or alternatively a French-speaking governess who speaks fluent English and who only speaks English to the children.

Other Staff: The governess will be helped by two Mauritian nannies and a team of house staff, a cook, who has a helper and two housekeepers.

Duties: The governess will be mainly responsible for the two little girls aged 2 and 1.

There will be no cleaning or cooking to do and no other nursery duties required. The governess' focus is on the education of children, particularly focussing on the acquisition and development of their English.

The governess will start her day at 6am, which is the norm in Mauritius. School starts at 7:30 a.m. and finishes at 2:30 p.m. Except on Wednesdays when it finishes at 12 p.m. The children have 16 weeks of school holidays.

The older children are very independent. In the morning they dress and get ready on their own. The governess will supervise the younger children as they dress and eat breakfast. The governess will drop them all off at school.

It is therefore essential that the governess is a good automatic car driver and comfortable driving a family car for 7 people. During her car journeys to and from school, a Mauritian nanny will take care of the two youngest children while waiting for the governess to return. Back from the school run, the governess will take care of the two little girls aged 2 and 1, while having an hour's break in the morning. At 2:30 p.m., she will be responsible for picking up the children from school. When she is picking the older children up, the Mauritian nanny will take care of the little ones again. In the afternoon the children have several activities scheduled such as trips to the beach, meetings with their friends, homework etc.

This position would suit an organised, flexible, dynamic governess. She must of course have a good team spirit and must be a good swimmer.

Working hours: The governess will work 6 days a week. Sunday will be her day off. The governess will work 24 hours a day, 2 days/nights a week and 12-14 hours per day 4 days a week. She will sleep at the family home 2 nights per week because the parents will be abroad. On these nights, the governess will be alone with the 8 children but one of the Mauritian nannies will be ready to help her if necessary.

Travel: The governess will go on holiday with the family. There is currently no definite schedule for the coming year, but the family hopes to go skiing at the end of the year.

Accommodation: Separate accommodation will be made available to the governess who will be able to use the car to return home. All costs will be the responsibility of the family.

Renumeration Package: The family will take care of the immigration arrangements for the governess.

The family will provide the governess with medical insurance as well as a return flight home per year.

She will also be entitled to 5 weeks of paid holidays.

Salary: €2,300 per week / €9,900 per month (on which the governess will have to pay 15% tax).

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