Aug 04, 2022


£900 - £1,200 weekly
  • Kensington Nannies
Full time Nanny

Job Description

Live In: Separate entrance / accommodation
Start: January 2023
Rate: £900 – £1200 per week
Ref: OSPet

These first-time parents are expecting their little bundle to arrive at the end of December & would like to employ a long-term Nanny as of the end of January 2023. As they are first time parents they are a little unsure of how life will change for them once the baby arrives, but they are certain that they would like a qualified Nanny to care for their child on a long-term basis. They envisage that the successful candidate will have a wealth of knowledge to guide them & their baby through its crucial early years; adapting care, routine & activities as appropriate, enhancing the baby’s development. They are very keen for their little one to be bilingual English/ Greek so would like a candidate with a clear, neutral accent if English isn`t your mother tongue. A sweet natured, gentle personality who is level headed, responsible & dedicated to their chosen career will be the perfect fit for this family unit. You will be provided with a bedroom & bathroom for your private use which has a separate entrance. 5 or 5.5 days a week. £900 – £1200 per week

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