The Nanny Boutique

The Nanny Boutique was created in the summer of 2011. Whilst living in the UAE we recognised a demand for high calibre childcare staff amongst some of the local Arabic families. Due to their robust educational qualifications and English proficiency, British & Australian Nannies were becoming increasingly popular. The challenge for these families was finding the right candidate that suited their environment. It was clear that they needed a representative who knew and understood the basics of their culture & their world, to provide recruitment services for their homes. 




The company started as a side project and the word very quickly spread. By 2012 we were in full swing, recruiting various childcare professionals for a number of very high profile families. We started off in Abu Dhabi and Switzerland and now we work with all sorts of clients around the world. Fueled by a passion for travel and unique living along with providing families with high end childcare and household services, we created our bustling boutique Nanny Agency. 




The agency is made up of former childcares and recruitment professionals who have previously worked within a number of prestigious VIP homes. These valuable experiences have given us the skills and inside knowledge required to understand the needs of modern day families from a variety of backgrounds.   




We believe that it’s the candidates that define the quality of a renowned Nanny Agency. Over time, we have nurtured long term professional relationships with many of our loyal candidates who have helped us build a good reputation amongst our client families.