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Nanny Jobs in Nottingham

This page includes information about qualifications needed for candidates looking for a childcare or nanny job in Nottingham. There are links to some of the educational institutions in the area where candidates can look for courses to study for the qualifications they require.

This page also includes links to some nanny and childcare agencies functioning in the Nottingham area and links to local nurseries and preschools, which may be suitable for those candidates interested in full or part-time work as a child carer or nanny.

We mention recommendations for parks and ideas for days out in Nottingham, and ways to connect and network with other nannies and childcare workers in the area.

At the end of this page you can also see details about VIP/ international nanny jobs for nannies or child carers living in Nottingham who are interested in finding an overseas nanny, governor or governess role.



Which Childcare and Nannying Qualifications are required to work in Nottingham?

To see information about childcare or nannying qualifications for candidates seeking work in Nottingham, please follow this link to go to our page ‘Childcare and Early Years Qualifications’.



Where in Nottingham can I study for childcare or nannying qualifications?

If you wish to study childcare or early years in Nottingham there are a variety of colleges and universities you can consider. We recommend that you do your own research to select a college or university which meets your requirements and location.

You may wish to consider the following Nottingham-based institutions for your studies:

Nottingham College

University of Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University



Which nanny agencies are currently operating in Nottingham?

If you are a nanny candidate, child carer or early years specialist looking for work, you can see some of the agencies operating in Nottingham here:

East Midlands Nannies and Au Pairs

First Choice Nanny

At Home Childcare



If you would like to view a list of all agencies currently listing vacancies on the Jobs in Childcare site, you can click here.


To see job vacancies currently listing in Nottingham, visit the homepage and search location: Nottingham.


For links to childcare and educational recruitment agencies in the Nottingham, please see below:

Nuture Care

E Years

Connex Nottingham



Where can I work in Nottingham?

To find a job in nannying or childcare in Nottingham, we suggest viewing the vacancies already listing on Otherwise, you may also wish to consider checking job vacancies at local preschools or nurseries nearby. You could try:


Stepping Stones

Paper Moon Day Nursery

Learning Angels

Pretty Windows



How can I contact other nannies located in Nottingham?

To make connections with nannies and child carers in Nottingham, suggest looking at local nurseries, playgroups or after-school activities. You may also find that you are able to connect with Nottingham-based nannies or au pairs online, via Facebook groups like Nottingham Nanny or Au Pairs in Nottingham.



What activities are available for me and my charges in Nottingham?

If you are interested in finding out more about the activities, educational days out and excursions available around Nottingham, you may wish to read more about Visit Nottingham's top things to do in Nottingham, or 10 of the best family days out in this feature from Boundless

If the weather permits, your charges may also enjoy the parks and other outdoor spaces in the Nottingham area. Click here to see the local council's list of parks and open spaces in Nottingham, or here for Visit Nottingham's list of country parks and gardens.

You may also be interested in looking at some of the toddler groups operating around Nottingham noted here or here.



Which overseas positions are there for nannies and carers living in Nottingham?

Candidates looking for VIP nanny, governor or governess roles with travel can examine the international jobs listing on Jobs in Childcare. The highest salary positions are generally found by searching by location and are often located in London, the Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai), Moscow or St Petersburg, Monaco or other large cities.

Candidates who do not wish to leave Nottingham on a permanent basis but are still interested in VIP positions, may also like to think about rota nanny jobs. Rota nanny, governor or governess roles tend to include ‘working time’ (often 50% of the schedule) at your employer’s residence (ie. in Russia, the UAE or France), with the other half of the schedule as ‘time off’ to rest or head home if you want to. To view the rota positions currently listing on JIC, please follow this link.