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Nanny Jobs in Manchester

This page includes information about the childcare qualifications required to work in Manchester, and details on institutions where these qualifications can be obtained.

The page also contains data of some of the nanny recruitment agencies operating in Manchester. There are details of various nurseries, preschool and childcare institutions for those looking for nannying, childcare or early years work in Manchester.

We have also covered some additional information on activities that may be suitable for nannies with charges in Manchester, and ideas for how to connect with other child care specialists in Manchester.

At the end of the page, you can find details on VIP and overseas nannying for candidates who are located in Manchester.

Which Childcare and Nanny Qualifications are suitable for working in Manchester?

For a full summary of information on the qualifications you may need to work as a nanny or child care specialist in Manchester, you can visit our page Childcare and Early Years Qualifications here.


Where in Manchester can I obtain childcare or nannying qualifications?

There are a large variety of institutions providing courses in childcare/ nannying in the Manchester area. You may wish to do your own research to look for a college or university suitable to your skills, interests, availability and current location.

You can find a short list of our suggestions for possible suitable institutions here:

The Manchester College

Bury College

Trafford College

Salford City College

Manchester Metropolitan University 


You may also wish to consult this list for additional institutions offering courses in childcare in the Greater Manchester area.

Which nanny agencies operate in Manchester?

There are a variety of agencies in Manchester with work for nannies, nursery staff, child care professionals and early years specialists. Some of the agencies that may be of interest to candidates in Manchester may include:

The Northern Nanny Agency

The Manchester Nanny Agency



You can find a list of all the agencies currently using Jobs in Childcare here, and you can also access a selection of current job vacancies in Manchester by searching location: Manchester on the JIC homepage.

There are also individual recruitment companies operating in Manchester, including:

Vetro Recruitment

Ferguson Recruitment

KPI Care

Hi-Flyers Recruitment


Where can I work in Manchester?

You can find a variety of nanny and childcare vacancies right here on There are also various childcare institutions and nurseries that may employ childcare professionals directly, such as:

WMB Childcare

Tiddlywinks Nursery

Bluestone Nursery

Tender Years Nursery



How can I meet other nannies in Manchester?

To interact with other nannies living and/or working in the Manchester area, we suggest an online/ offline approach. Offline, you may be able to network with other nannies via playgroups or after-school events. Online, we would suggest connecting with other child care staff through Facebook groups, such as Nannies in Manchester and Stockport Areas, or Au Pair groups for those based in Manchester, here or here.


What activities are available for me and my charges in Manchester?

If you have time with your charges at the weekends or during the school holidays, you may be interested in educational days out in Manchester. You can read more about Manchester Evening News’s ideas for adventure days out in Manchester here. In poor weather, The Culture Trip’s ideas for indoor activities may be more beneficial.

You may like to also consider outdoor activities or parks or green areas around Manchester. You can also find information on baby and toddler groups.


Which overseas roles are available for child carers living in Manchester?

If you are an international governor or governess or a nanny with VIP experience, you may be interested in high salary overseas jobs. To find the largest salary positions we suggest to search our site by location; many of the best-paid nanny, governor and governess jobs are situated in Monaco, Dubai, Moscow or other large, wealthy international cities.

If you do not wish to leave Manchester to find a VIP role, you may be interested in a rota position. Rota jobs generally include a schedule where part of your time is spent in the employer’s working country (perhaps Russia, UAE, France or otherwise) and the rest of the time is time off you can use to travel home if you so wish. You can see available rota jobs currently posted on JIC here.