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Nanny Jobs in Leeds

This page features details about the qualifications required for candidates seeking work as a professional nanny or childcare specialist. It also contains information on some of the universities and colleges where you may be able to find suitable courses to study for the qualifications you need.

We have added links to various nanny and childcare recruitment agencies which operate in or close to Leeds, and links to the websites of some local nurseries and preschools which may be suitable for those candidates seeking work as a child carer or nanny in Leeds.

We have included JIC’s ideas for parks and days out for your benefit and some ideas on how you may be able to get in touch with and network with other childcare staff in Leeds.

At the bottom of the page you will find some information on VIP/ international nannying for candidates based in the Leeds area who would consider taking an overseas nanny or childcare position.



Which Childcare and Nannying Qualifications are required to work in Leeds?

For full details of the childcare or nannying qualifications that are generally most suitable for those looking for work in Leeds, please click here to visit our page ‘Childcare and Early Years Qualifications’.



Where in Leeds can I study for childcare or nannying qualifications?

Leeds has a wide selection of colleges, universities and learning institutions which offer courses in childcare or early years. We would suggest doing your own research to determine which college or university is best-suited to your interests, skills, situation and location.

Some possible institutions where you may study to be a nanny or child carer in Leeds include:

University of Leeds

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Trinity University

Craven College

Leeds City College



Which nanny agencies currently operate in Leeds?

There are several choices for nanny candidates, child carers, nursery staff and early years professionals looking for agencies in Leeds.

Please see below for a short list of nanny agencies which may be suitable for candidates residing in the Leeds area:

First Class Nannies

Janet White Agency

The Yorkshire Nanny Company


In order to see a summary of all agencies currently listing vacancies on Jobs in Childcare, please click here. If you would like to view the job vacancies which are currently listed in the Leeds area, please go to the Jobs in Childcare homepage and search location: Leeds.


Please also find below links to some of the childcare and educational recruitment agencies located in or close to Leeds:

Shine Childcare

Hays Leeds

Veritas Education

Celsian Education



Where can I work in Leeds?

If you are looking for a full-time position as a nanny or child carer in or around Leeds, we recommend that you search the nanny and childcare job vacancies currently listed on You may also like to think about checking some of the preschools and nurseries located in Leeds; these may hire childcare professionals directly.

Some such institutions are listed below:

Twinkles Nurseries

Little People Nurseries

22 Street Lane Nursery

Bright Beginnings



How can I contact other nannies located in Leeds?

In order to network with other candidates, nannies and child carers in the Leeds area, we recommend aiming to meet people through local nurseries, playgroups or after-school activities, and making connections online.

On the world wide web, you may try to network with Leeds nannies or au pairs through Facebook groups like Au pair in YorkshireNannies, Mannies and Au Pairs of Leeds or Yorkshire Nannies Meetup and Places to Go.


What activities are available for me and my charges in Leeds?

If you are able to travel or to spend time outdoors with your charges at weekends or over school holidays, it may be worth looking into some educational days out in Leeds. You can see Visit Leeds' top 10 family days out in Leeds here, or Yorkshire Attractions' top recommendations here.

On the other hand, you may wish to stick to the beautiful parks and other outdoor attractions in the Leeds area. To view Leeds Council's list of parks and countryside areas in Leeds click here, or to view the best places in Leeds to visit in the summer, follow this link.

You may also be interested in looking for toddler groups around Leeds. Click here for Yorkshire Tots' baby and toddler information or follow this link for details of other playgroups around Leeds.



Which overseas roles are available for child carers living in Leeds?

For those interested in working as a VIP nanny or as a governor or governess in a job which includes travel, we suggest that you view the high salary overseas positions listed on Jobs in Childcare. As a general rule, the best salaried positions will be found by searching according to location. Most of the high salary jobs for nannies, governors or governesses are found in London, Dubai, Moscow, Monaco, or other large international cities.

If you are not aiming to leave Leeds permanently but are still keen to seek out a VIP childcare role, you may want to start thinking about a rota position. Rota nanny jobs (rota governor or rota governess positions are also sometimes posted) are generally based upon a schedule where working time (usually around 50% of the schedule) is spent on location working full-time in the country in which your employer resides (often Russia, the UAE or France), while the other part of your schedule is ‘time off’, when you have the option to return back to your home country if you would like to. To see the available rota jobs currently available on JIC, please follow this link.