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Nanny Jobs in Coventry

This page is an information page containing details about the nannying and childcare qualifications suitable for those wishing to work in Coventry, and details on colleges and universities where you can find childcare and nannying courses and study for the relevant qualifications.

The page also includes information on some of the nanny and childcare recruitment agencies which operate in the Coventry area, and links to some of the nurseries, preschools and other childcare institutions that may be suitable for those seeking work as a child carer, nanny, nursery worker, governor, governess or tutor in Coventry.

We have also listed our own ideas for parks, days out and activities that could be appropriate for nannies or child carers working in and around Coventry, as well as some links with ideas about how to find and connect with other candidates in Coventry.

The end of this page contains information on VIP/ international nannying for candidates located in Coventry who may be interested in finding an overseas position.



Which Childcare and Nannying Qualifications are required to work in Coventry?

If you wish to find out more about the childcare or nannying qualifications that may be required to work in Coventry, please visit our page dedicated to Childcare and Early Years Qualifications, here.



Where in Coventry can I study for childcare or nannying qualifications?

There are a variety of colleges, universities and institutions in and around Coventry for candidates looking for courses in childcare or early years. We suggest researching online to find a college or university that is ultimately best-suited to your needs and your individual interests, skills, schedule and location.

Some possible institutions for study in Coventry could include:

Coventry College

Coventry University

The Henley College

Warwickshire College Group



Which nanny agencies currently operate in Coventry?

Coventry has a number of agencies offering work work for nannies, child carers, nursery staff and early years professionals. You can find a short list of nanny agencies that may be suitable for candidates located around the Coventry area here:

Harmony at Home West Midlands

Nannies 4U


In order to view all agencies currently listing vacancies on Jobs in Childcare, please click here. In order to view current job positions listed in the Coventry area, please visit the Jobs in Childcare homepage and search location: Coventry.


There are also various childcare and educational recruitment agencies found in Coventry, including:

CW Jobs

Monarch Education

Just Teachers

Simply Education



Where can I work in Coventry?

If you are looking for a job as a nanny or child carer in or around Coventry, we would recommend that you search through the nanny and childcare job vacancies currently listed on Otherwise, you may wish to examine some of the preschools and nurseries located in Coventry, as these may consider hiring childcare professionals directly. Possible such nurseries may include:

Tiny Toez

Tiny Teddies

Forest Friends Day Nursery

Playhouse Nursery



How can I contact other nannies located in the Coventry area?

In order to track down other nannies and child carers in Coventry, we recommend looking offline via playgroups or after-school activities and online. You may be able to make contact with local nannies or au pairs through groups on Facebook such as Coventry Childminders.



What activities are available for me and my charges in Coventry?

If you charges have the available free time you may wish to take them for educational days out around Coventry. You can see the Coventry Telegraph's 20 days out in Coventry here, or if the weather isn't good enough you may wish to consider indoor activities such as these, listed on Day Out With The Kids.

You may also want to think about the beautiful parks and other outdoor attractions in the Coventry area. Have a look here for the Council's list of local parks or here for We Love Coventry's suggestions for parks and gardens in the vicinity. You may also benefit from looking at this list of the top 3 parks in Coventry.

For younger children, you can also find a helpful list of toddler groups around Coventry here, or look at the Tots Play site or Coffee Tots cafe for parents and child carers for more ideas.



Which overseas roles are available for child carers living in Coventry?

If you are interested in working as a VIP nanny or governor or governess in a job which includes travel, we recommend you view high salary overseas positions on Jobs in Childcare. As a general rule, the best-paid roles will be found by searching using a specific location. Most high salary jobs for nannies, governors or governesses are found in London, Monaco, Dubai, Moscow, and other large international cities.

If you do not wish to leave Coventry on a permanent basis but you would still like to find a VIP childcare role, you may consider looking for a rota position. Rota nanny jobs (rota governor or rota governess positions are also sometimes available) are mostly based upon a schedule where working time (usually around 50% of the schedule) is spent located and working full-time in the country in which your employer is located (most often Russia, UAE, France, some others), while the other part of your schedule is ‘time off’, when you have the option to return back to your home country if you would like to. If you would like to view to see the available rota jobs currently available on JIC, please click here.