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Nanny Jobs in Birmingham

This page includes details about the childcare qualifications required to work in Birmingham and information on institutions where these qualifications can be acquired.

The page also contains information on some of the childcare recruiting companies working in Birmingham. There is also data regarding various nurseries and childcare institutions for those seeking nanny, childcare or early years work in or around Birmingham.

We have also included some extra suggestions for activities that might be appropriate for nannies caring for charges in Birmingham, and some ideas for how to network with child care specialists in Birmingham.

At the end of this page, you can find information about VIP and international nannying for candidates living in Birmingham.

Which Childcare and Nannying Qualifications are required to work in Birmingham?

For detailed information on the qualifications you would require to work as a nanny or childcarer in the Birmingham area, we recommend that you view our page Childcare and Early Years Qualifications here.



Where in Birmingham can I study for childcare or nannying qualifications?

There are a large number of institutions offering courses in the childcare/ nannying sector around Birmingham. We recommend that you do your own research in order to find a college or university that offers a course appropriate to your skills, interests, availability and location.

You can also find a few suggestions for possible institutions below:

South and City College

University College


Sandwell College

College of Birmingham



Which nanny agencies operate in Birmingham?

A number of agencies in Birmingham offer work for nannies, nursery staff, child care professionals and early years specialists. Agencies that may be suitable for candidates in Birmingham could include:

Nannies 4 U

Smileys Childcare

Tinies West Midlands


You can find also a list of all the agencies currently using Jobs in Childcare here. To search the location selection of current job vacancies in Birmingham, type location: Birmingham using the search bar on the JIC homepage.

There are also various individual recruitment companies available in Birmingham, which include:

Swift ACI

Ambassadors Resourcing

Smile Education

Connex Education


Where can I work in Birmingham?

As well as searching the nanny and childcare vacancies posted on, there are a number of childcare institutions and nurseries that may hire childcare professionals directly, such as:

Birmingham University Day Nurseries

Edgbaston Nursery School

San’s Day Nursery

Selly Oak Nursery School

Fitcap Nursery



How can I meet other nannies in Birmingham?

To interact with other nannies living or working in the Birmingham area, we suggest looking both online and offline. Offline, you may be able to network with other nannies via playgroups or after-school events. Online, we would suggest connecting with other child care staff through Facebook groups, such as Au-Pair in Birmingham or Meet Up groups such as this one for educators in Birmingham.


What activities are available for me and my charges in Birmingham?

If you have time to go on trips with your charges either at weekends or during the school holidays, you may be interested in educational days out in Birmingham. You can read about a variety of educational days out in Birmingham here, or see a more general overview of days out in Birmingham here. You can also click here to see the Birmingham Mail's recommendations for local day trips in the Birmingham area.

If the weather permits, you may wish to visit some of Birmingham's parks with your charges. You can find the local council overview of parks in the area here, and particular information on the well-known local Wildlife Conservation Park here. You may also be interested in the famous Cannon Hill Park - read more about that here.

If you are looking for baby and toddler groups in the Birmingham area, it may be beneficial for you to consider the options listed here and here.

Which overseas roles are available for child carers living in Birmingham?

If you are a nanny with VIP work experience or an international governor or governess, you may be interested in high salary positions abroad. For the highest paid jobs we suggest to search our site by location; a number of the best-paid nanny, governor or governess roles are located in Monaco, Dubai, Moscow, or other wealthy international cities.

If you do not wish to permanently leave Birmingham to look for a VIP role, you may be interested in a rota position. Rota nanny jobs (and sometimes rota governor or rota governess positions) generally comprise a schedule where part of your time is spent working in the country your employer is located in (be it Russia, UAE, France or elsewhere) and then the rest of your time is time ‘off’ that you can use to travel home or elsewhere if you so wish. You can view available rota jobs currently listing on JIC here.