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A Nanny's Simple Travel Guide to Zurich, Switzerland

A Nanny's Simple Travel Guide to Zurich, Switzerland

As a nanny, there are many fun ways to build a strong connection with your charges. Kids can gain valuable benefits from sharing a strong bond with their nanny, some of which can impact how they deal with problems they may face later in life and well into their adulthood. 

One easy way to foster a long-lasting bond with your charges is by traveling and exploring new places together. A nanny can learn a lot about the children through travel which they may not see when at home. This may include how the kids interact with other people, the things that interest them, and the things they do not like. 

Zurich, Switzerland, offers caregivers and children tons of different places to explore. Many locations around Zurich have activities and events that the kids will surely enjoy. So here are four places you can check out for a memorable visit! Go get stuck in!


Zoo Zurich

A zoo is one place that can provide people of all ages with a lot of fun and exciting memories, whilst also providing an educational experience. Zoo Zurich invites tourists to explore the animal kingdom by visiting the 380 species of animals they house.

The zoo is open every day of the year, which means nannies and the children can visit in any season. And if you want to experience one of the zoo’s highlight events, don’t miss meeting the penguins and seals during feeding time! 

Price: Children below six years old are free. 25.75 USD (Adults, ages 25 and above), 18.82 USD (Young people, ages 16 - 24), 12.88 USD (Children, ages 6 -15) and free-of-charge (Children, ages six and below)


Alpamare, Switzerland’s largest indoor waterpark, has 12 fun water attractions that are perfect for children and adults of all ages. The waterpark has funnels, light effects, inflatable tires, and slides that can keep you and the children occupied for the whole day. While Alpamare allows visitors to grill their food indoors, it is recommended to bring ready-to-eat food. 

Admission on Alpamare may vary base on the visitors’ age. A four-hour stay between Monday to Sunday costs 10 CHF for infants zero to five years old, 35 CHF for children between six to 15 years old, and 43 CHF for adults. 

If four hours is not enough, you can pick up a day ticket that costs between 10 CHF and 53 CHF.



One of the best places to bond with the kids in Switzerland is its biggest educational and entertainment centre. KinderCity welcomes children of different age groups. The play area is divided into three sections to cater to kids ages 2-12. 

KinderCity lets children interact with each other by participating in different activities, including experiments, baking, games, and exploration. Nannies are welcome to accompany the children to support their learning experience. 

Prices: Children from 2 to 12 years of age (16.50 CHF). Adults (22.50 CHF)


Kafi fur Dich

Located in the colourful Kreis 4 district, this Kafi fur Dich offers guests of all ages a combination of bistro, bar, and neighbourhood hangout. The establishment is known for serving delicious food and its play corner, where children can meet and spend time with other kids. 

The Kafi fur Dich also serves as a cultural venue and a gallery, making it the perfect place for a meal. During the summer, visitors are invited to relax in the cozy garden. Younger guests are encouraged to experience their large play corner on a blackboard provided specially for scribbling and drawing on!

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