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Nanny's Food Diaries: 6 Easy Three-Ingredient Snack Recipes

Nanny's Food Diaries: 6 Easy Three-Ingredient Snack Recipes

Good news - making delicious snacks for your charges does not have to involve a shopping trip for dozens of ingredients! Many easy recipes only require three items, most of which can be found in your family home. 

So read on for six easy recipes that nannies and their charges can make! Most of these recipes do not need sharp tools or knives, but nannies are always advised to supervise their kids carefully in the kitchen to ensure a fun and safe cooking experience. 


Frozen Yogurt Fruits Pops

Frozen Yogurt Fruits Pops only need yogurt and a mix of fresh fruits from the fridge. Nannies can help their charges prepare all the ingredients and lay-out a few cupcake liners on a small baking sheet. 

Using a spoon, scoop some yogurt mixture into the liners. Allow the children to decorate their fruit pops by putting the fruits into the mix before you top it off with another scoop of yogurt. Freeze and wait until it’s ready to be served!

Note: You can also scoop the yogurt mixture into a popsicle maker. 


Three Ingredient Coconut Cookies

Coconut is known for its rich and creamy texture and its light and nutty flavour. Like macaroons, these cookies are crunchy and addictive. The process of making these cookies is very simple. You only need to mix them in a large bowl, scoop them, and bake them. 

For this snack, all you need is shredded coconut, granulated sugar, and some coconut milk. The cookies can be covered and stored in the fridge for up to four days. 


Chocolate Banana Cookies (Vegan) 

Nannies who are looking for a simple, gluten-free, and egg-free cookie recipe will definitely find this snack satisfying. This three-ingredient recipe is a well-known crowd pleaser, especially because of its fudge texture and deep chocolate flavour.

For this snack, you’ll need large ripe bananas, peanut butter, and cocoa powder. They’ll only take up to 18 minutes in the oven before you and the children can enjoy each bite. The cookies can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for 2 days. 


Glazed Donuts

Create a batch of hot donuts with three simple ingredients: flour, milk, and dry yeast. These pillowy soft friend donut recipe can easily be customised to suit the children’s favourite flavours; nannies can toss the donuts in a cinnamon-sugar mixture, or coat them with a maple syrup or chocolate glaze. 

Make the donuts look festive by giving the kids some sprinkles or chocolate chips. You can also sift powdered sugar or cocoa powder on the donuts to give them flavour. 


Sweet Potato Fries

Instead of giving the children chips, make these healthy and crispy baked fries using sweet potatoes. Nannies can coat these fries with garlic powder or salt, depending on what the children prefer to eat. These baked sweet potato fries are very crispy on the outside but tender in the inside. 


Flourless Banana Pancakes

These banana pancakes are the perfect option for a healthy and incredibly fulfilling breakfast. They are made using eggs, bananas, and baking powder. While the recipe does not require flour, they are very light and fluffy. 

Nannies can also add a touch of cinnamon to give the pancake a slightly earthy flavour. Serve them with maple syrup, sausages, or bacon. 


Want to make creamy ice cream using only two ingredients? Click here for a recipe you'll always go for during the warm season!

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