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Getting Yourself Out There: How to Build Your Nanny Network

Getting Yourself Out There: How to Build Your Nanny Network

Being a nanny is a tremendously rewarding role to undertake.

You are on duty day-in-day-out, to help in whatever way you can. It is not a job as such, but an opportunity to play a vital role for a family to help bring up their children. You are the cog which makes the family stick together. You are made to feel part of their family. What more responsibility is there than to be in charge of a small child? Correct, there is none. 


Similar to most roles and careers, it is important to stay fresh as a professional. To find ways to develop yourself in order to be the best you can be. Being a nanny can be lonely at times, so it is important to make an effort with like-minded people around your area to keep you fresh - not only for yourself but for the children under your care. 


It is a good idea to research local nanny and childminding groups surrounding you. Some may be found via your local council's website and some may be found on private social media sites. Request to join and see where it takes you. Useful location based groups on Facebook like Nannies in London or The Nannies of New York can be great for help, support and ideas - have a look on Facebook or Google and see what you can find in your area. 

Working as an Au Pair

Your local children's and family centres usually host free drop-in sessions where parents, carers and their kids can spend time together in a safe, playful environment. 


If you are a male nanny, it may be worth researching dad's groups as well as any male nanny groups who may be near you. 


If a group setting is not your thing, maybe consider attending local attractions such as parks, soft play areas and other kid-friendly places with the intention of making contacts. This may be the springboard for the children to make friends with other people away from the pressure of a group setting. 


Once a network has been established, it can even be a good idea to host a small playdate for other kids and nannies at your employee’s house (ultimately it is your place of work). Make it as relaxed or as fun as possible. Tea, chats and games will go a long way in boosting your network and overall job satisfaction as a professional.  


Spending time with other like-minded nannies and childminders may give you extra ideas on how to spend your time with the kids. You may find a fantastic educational game to try, or a brand-new attraction may have just opened. You may discover new and exciting methods on introducing mathematics. Or you may simply meet somebody who has some extra tips on how to calm babies and children when they are distressed. 


Nanny networking can be an arena to share issues and problems you may face as a nanny - ideas and resolutions can be sought from the people you meet. It is worth noting that always check with the family you work for in the first instance. Once this has been granted then you can really start to create that professional social network for yourself, which will help in developing and nurturing the children under your care. 


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