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8 Top Places Nannies and Kids Can Visit in Dubai

8 Top Places Nannies and Kids Can Visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the cities with the best architecture across the globe. Known for its bold style and towering skyscrapers, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates celebrates its Bedouin heritage with a modern twist. 

Nannies and young children who are visiting the Middle Eastern location are bound for an adventure-filled break with family-friendly activities that are educational and exciting. Many activities are free, while others cost a great deal of money. 

What should you expect in Dubai?

Language: In the UAE most residents speak Arabic, which is considered their official language. However, in Dubai, English is the language often used for business transactions and is spoken by almost everyone in the city. 

Mode of Payment: Many stores and places accept credit cards, but travellers are advised to carry small change.

Climate: Summers in Dubai are hot. During the daytime, temperatures can go over 40 degrees celsius. Nannies are advised to pack light layers with long-sleeves and full-length bottoms. Keep your clothing on the conservative side to avoid unwanted attention. 

Transportation: Drinking or eating in the metro is not allowed. Some cabins are also reserved for women. 

Cab: Cabs in Dubai have a minimum meter charge of 12 Dirhams. Additionally, passengers would also have to cover a Salik charge if the taxi needs to go through a toll road. 

Boats: Visitors can go around Dubai by water ferries and taxis. This mode of transportation runs at 10 AM, 12 PM, and 5:30 PM. 


Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai’s Aquarium and Underwater Zoo houses thousands of animals. Young children who love to see sharks and rays will definitely enjoy watching a host of these sea creatures and other marine species in the aquarium’s 10-litre tank.  

Nannies and kids who are looking for a more subdued under-the-sea experience will enjoy the aquarium’s Penguin Cove, Aquarium tunnel, and Underwater Observatory. 

For more information about ticket prices, click here


VR Park Dubai

Older kids who are looking for a taste of technology and virtual reality will enjoy in Dubai’s augmented reality theme park. The VR Park, which is the world’s largest augmented reality theme park, boasts over 25 experiences, including the embarking on a space mission to save the universe from aliens. 

While entry is free, visitors are required to purchase a pass or pay for every game played. For more information, click here


Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Meters away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai are the wetlands of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Famously known as the “Cape of the Creek,” the sanctuary is one of the few urban protected areas where birds live and nest. The wetland reserve is also a breeding ground for crustaceans and fishes. However, flamingos steal the show during winter. 

The wildlife sanctuary is open to the public during set daylight hours. Plan your visit through their website by clicking here.  


Green Planet

This enchanting bio-dome features an indoor tropical rain forest that houses more than 3000 plants and animals. Nannies and children who visit the site can encounter sloths, sugar gliders, reptile, and Burmese pythons. Visitors can also witness a feeding frenzy once a day at 4 PM as experts feed over 1,000 piranhas.

For more information about directions and ticket prices, click here


Aventura Parks

Channel your inner Lara Croft in at Dubai’s tree-surfing, rope-climbing adventure park. Aventura lets nannies, young children, and teenagers experience the outdoors through thrilling activities. Visitors are invited to try and finish their obstacle course, which has over 85 challenges across five levels. 

Book your tickets here


Dubai Fountain

Take the family to a fantastic light show at Dubai Mall that is renowned all over the world for its beautiful displays. Catch the dancing fountain show daily from 6 PM to 11 PM. 

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Dubai Spice Souk 

Brace yourself for a sensory experience when you visit Dubai’s Spice Soul. This colourful and aromatic traditional spice market is one of Dubai’s heritage areas. Visitors can wander among different stalls which sell mounds of fragrant herbs and spices from large baskets. Vendors can also give tourists ideas on how and where the various spices could be used. 

Read the complete guide to shopping at Dubai’s Spice Souk here


Dubai Safari Adventure

Discover the beauty of the Dubai desert in this 4x4 safari adventure. Tourists are given a local guide that accompanies them through traditional and modern desert experiences such as camel rides, sand dune surfing, and henna tattoos. The safari also features the ‘tanoura’ folk dance and a delicious barbecue dinner that’s truly worth the money. 

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