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5 Family-friendly Places Nannies and Children Should Go to in Venice

5 Family-friendly  Places Nannies and Children Should Go to in Venice

Venice is perhaps one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world. Every street has vast architectural advantages that will excite anyone visiting to fully explore the city and dive into its culture and traditions. As a culturally significant city and Italy’s capital in the Veneto Region, Venice continues to enchant parents and children with its unique establishments, infrastructures, and attractions. 

This city is the right place for families looking for a stress-free vacation as it may be one of Europe’s most family-friendly places. Venice offers plenty of spectacular destinations for people of all ages and activities that children will surely like. 


Grand Canal 

Start your adventure with a not-so-ordinary city tour as you take a water bus to experience and explore the city. Venice’s public transportation system runs from the Piazza Roma to Piazza Marco, the Grand Canal’s complete length. 

Catch the Line 1 Vaporetto at Piazza Roma and find the best seat for you and the kids while you pass through the world’s most famous canal. The ride typically lasts for forty-five minutes.


Piazza San Marco and Basilica San Marco

At the end of your Vaporetto ride, other fascinating places await you. One of the world’s most beautiful and mesmerising places is Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square. The atmosphere and enchanting architectural infrastructure surrounding the area, such as the Basilica San Marco, Campanile, Clock Tower, and Doge’s Place, is something tourists should experience. Children can freely run after the pigeons or admire the street performers. 

Nannies should also bring the children to Basilica San Marco, one of Venice’s most prominent attractions. Stepping inside this church is like stepping inside a magical world full of gold mosaics, thousands of magnificent gems and stones, and bronze horses overlooking the balcony.


Giardini Pubblici

Right after your Piazza San Marco tour, you can have a lovely family meal in the Public Gardens. The Giardini Pubblici is home to many sculptures and flower beds, a faux grotto and benches, and a vast space full of grass where children can play or relax. Choose a shaded part of the park where you can set up a picnic blanket and enjoy meals you brought from a nearby market.


Campo San Polo

Campo San Polo is the second-largest Venetian public square in the city.  It was initially dedicated to agriculture, but it was entirely paved in 1493, with a well placed in the middle. The square was once used as the scene of bullfights, mass sermons, and extravagant masked balls.  

Campo San Polo is one of Venice’s largest spaces where children can play tag with other kids even they font speak Italian, learn and ride bikes, and enjoy carnivals rides. It is also frequently used for open-air concert and hosts screenings during the annual Venice Film Festival.


Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge that crosses over the narrowest point of the Grand Canal. Built during the later years of the 16th century, this bridge was known for its architectural and engineering advancement during the renaissance period. Today, tourists who are hoping to look for souvenirs from Venice visit the bridge. There are hundreds of locally-produced items that can be bought here, including t-shirts, Murano glasses, and painted masks. 


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